10 February 2010

Moving On

So it's been quite sometime since I posted anything to this blog. Rest assured I did not drop off the face of the Earth. No, I simply moved on. I still love fashion, and enjoy writing about it, but I realized perhaps that I wasn't doing anything extraordinary with this fashion blog, and there are far too many out there as it is anyway.

But fear not! For those few out there who may have actually been reading this, I'm currently blogging here: Brandie Raasch Photography. I decided to dive right into a new venture, fashion photography. So you see, it's not too far off. I've always loved photography and this definitely feels right for me.

So, I hope you'll continue to read and watch my progress as I continue on this journey.


17 June 2009

Going, Going, Back, Back, to Cali, Cali

Ah, technically not BACK to Cali, since I've never been before, but I'm pretty excited for my upcoming vacation, counting down the days.

However, as "official" summertime is upon soon (6/20 or 6/21 I think?) and I'll be in sunny Cali for an entire week, it's time to break out the sunblock, SPF 50 please! It must be said, I am quite pale...if you couldn't tell from my photo, hehe, so going without sunscreen is definitely not an option. I've made mistakes in that regard before, and let me tell you...it isn't pretty. On a spring break trip to Puerto Rico I somehow left the tops of my feet untouched by any sunblock and they ended up about as red as the ballet flats I wore...true story.

At the Polo Classic a few weekends ago, I decided to try out a new find:

I'm a huge fan of the Bare Escentuals and their bareMinerals make-up line, in fact, so much so that I should probably get paid for all the free advertising they get from me since I'm such a big advocate for their brand. Anyhow, logic should follow that I would like their unique, powder formula sunscreen. My verdict? Overall it worked well for my face and I love that it doesn't make my skin feel greasy like so many other sunblocks seem to do, but as for my body? I'm not entirely sure it's suited for such use. Perhaps I didn't use it properly or reapply as often as is necessary, but I ended with a white band across my wrist where I had a bracelet and was surrounded by the redness on my hand and arm...not to mention my legs were bright red too.

Still, I plan to give it another try, and at least continue its use for my face. I'm considering trying out their self-tanner for my trip as well, but we'll see...

Any other sunscreen suggestions?


16 June 2009

The Beauty of Polo

So, a few weekends ago I dragged two of my very dear friends along with me to see Prince Harry play in the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic. It was marvelous and I loved every celeb-tastic moment of it. Therefore, I will share two photos out of the hundreds I took since I get a little photo happy:

Action shot:

Beautiful. I'd never actually seen a single polo match until that day and it was pretty exciting.

Prince Harry shot:

Well, he's just fantastic. AND such a do-gooder as the event helped raise funds for his charity, Sentebale.

You may also note that none other than Nacho Figueras, the face of Ralph Lauren's Polo fragrance, was also a player in the match on the opposing team, Blackwatch. Here's a look at one of his Polo ads:

He's not shy, that's for sure, and certainly seems to think he's pretty special. The again, JUST LOOK AT HIM. Yes, that's right. He IS special.

That's all for now.


12 June 2009

WTF Moment: Dakota Fanning

I like Dakota Fanning. I think she's a lovely girl. Inspite of being in the spotlight from a very young age I think she handles herself rather gracefully and with a maturity that has rarely been seen among past reining Teen Queens, ahem, cough*LiLo*cough.

I've also been very pleased and every impressed with her fashion choices. Always very classy, and more importantly, AGE APPROPRIATE. So, I have to ask, WTF was she was thinking here?

When I first saw this photo (via Jezebel) I thought, ok, nothing terribly interesting about this, but it's fine, I might even wear a similar look. Mind you, my eyes started at the top of the photo. As I scanned down to the bottom, what did I see? The SHOES! Is it just me, or are those some rather gigantic, and not even remotely attractive heels at that, for a 15 year old girl to be wearing? And not even to go out for an event. It actually appears she is wearing them out and about, perhaps on her day-to-day errands or even school!

Oh Dakota...what happened here? There MUST be an explanation for this.

I'll try to let it slide this once...after all, it's Friday and I'm feeling generous.

Have a fantastic weekend! And let's all hope for no rain in NYC.


11 June 2009

Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?

"The spinsters and the knitters in the sun."


Oh, how I do love comedic Shakespeare. Last night was the opening of Twelfth Night at Shakespeare in the Park and it did not disappoint. There was wit, there was laughter...and of course, there were celebs.

Anne Hathaway, I must say made a pretty great Viola and has now made me respect her much more as an actress. I have to give the girl props for stepping out of the glossy world of film and into some real theater. Bonus, the girl can actually sing!

Hugh Jackman attended with his wife. We all know he's a fan of the theater, and I imagine he's friends with Anne after their skit at the Academy Awards. If it's possible, I think he might actually look younger in person than on film. Ah, and he's just such a likeable guy.

Moving on to (in my opinion) the most notable appearance: none other than Anna Wintour herself was present. Accompanied by her boyfriend and seated right next to Hugh. She actually put her sunglasses on when the show began, though I hope she took them off again (I noticed she wasn't wearing them prior to the show's start) because it got quite dark. Her hair was perfectly in place as usual and as she was seated it was difficult to get a good look at her outfit, but she appeared to be wearing a white jacket. And, unlike her abrupt leave of Jason Wu's most recent showing, she did sit through the entire performance, not even getting up during the intermission. Showing my true fashion colors...I was admittedly more excited to see Anna than Hugh, and am slightly embarrassed by my own giddiness. Upon first spotting Hugh:

Me to friend: Who is he talking to?
K: I don't know but she has a terrible bob haircut.
Me: (Taking a closer look at said bob). Is that Anna?
K: Anna who, ohhhh...
Turning to each other: It is Anna!
Me: It's Anna Wintour!

Ahh hahaha. I hope we weren't too loud. Sadly, I didn't get to snap a pic though I did walk right over to where they sat to get a better look.

The photo I currently have up is in fact one I stealthily snuck of the finale before the theater Nazis had a chance notice and as they did with many others, actually come over and watch you delete them! Hehe, because when I'm told: "No photos allowed," I instead hear: "Photos allowed as long you don't get caught taking them."

Anyway, the show was really fantastic, it was a great night and I highly recommend trying to get tix.

And remember kids, "
But be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." ~Twelfth Night, II, V


09 June 2009

I Heart Rei...

‘‘What is important to me is information (in the journalistic sense of relating news),’’ Ms. Kawakubo says. ‘‘Through my collections, other product projects and through my graphic work, or by collaborating with artists and photographers, I like to tell a story. Without news, nothing is alive. The final result of everything must say something. Information deepens the work. ‘‘So, if anything, I am maybe more of a journalist than an artist!’’ -Rei Kawakubo

This quote comes from possibly my fav article this week via the NYT by none other than Suzy Menkes. Check it out, Positive Energy: Comme at 40 and see the slideshow here.

And we're halfway through the week...


Macy's Ups Cool Factor, Designs Clothes Edward Cullen Would Wear

Ok, is it just me...or does this jacket totally look like the gray wool coat that Edward Cullen, aka Rob Pattinson, wore in Twilight? Let's compare shall we? They DO have quite a similar look to them, no? Good for Macy's for bringing back some style into their menswear, even if it does mean taking cues from sparkly vampires (who I admittedly am just a little bit in love with). I doubt any girls will complain if their boys start dressing more like Edward Cullen.

Ciao kids,

Photo: [Macy's jacket, NYMag.com]