12 June 2009

WTF Moment: Dakota Fanning

I like Dakota Fanning. I think she's a lovely girl. Inspite of being in the spotlight from a very young age I think she handles herself rather gracefully and with a maturity that has rarely been seen among past reining Teen Queens, ahem, cough*LiLo*cough.

I've also been very pleased and every impressed with her fashion choices. Always very classy, and more importantly, AGE APPROPRIATE. So, I have to ask, WTF was she was thinking here?

When I first saw this photo (via Jezebel) I thought, ok, nothing terribly interesting about this, but it's fine, I might even wear a similar look. Mind you, my eyes started at the top of the photo. As I scanned down to the bottom, what did I see? The SHOES! Is it just me, or are those some rather gigantic, and not even remotely attractive heels at that, for a 15 year old girl to be wearing? And not even to go out for an event. It actually appears she is wearing them out and about, perhaps on her day-to-day errands or even school!

Oh Dakota...what happened here? There MUST be an explanation for this.

I'll try to let it slide this once...after all, it's Friday and I'm feeling generous.

Have a fantastic weekend! And let's all hope for no rain in NYC.


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