28 August 2008

I Am Nobody's Little Weasel...

It has to be said, I absolutely adore Audrey Tautou. This should come as no great surprise since I am drawn to all things French, including film, and who could forget the adorable Amélie?

In my opinion, Ms. Tautou has great personal style. Pixie-ish as she is, she is very classy, simple but beautiful and she always has that chic French quality about her. The lucky girl will soon get to play dress up as Coco
Chanel when filming begins on Coco Avant Chanel. I am très jalouse. I expect this biopic to be quite good, or at least the fashion will be since Karl will be overseeing the costumes. Can't wait!


Fall Fashion In Focus: Lace

With just about a week away from Fashion Week and September's fall madness, my wish list for the season continues to grow. Currently I'm lusting after lace.

The intricate details that lace creates are absolutely beautiful. I can't say I've ever worn too much lace before, but I'm eager to try out some looks for fall. Unfortunately, I can't afford the lovely lacy Prada numbers that were so prominent on the Fall '08 RTW runways. Hmm, must figure that out. The orange-lace dress shown above on the runway and worn by Miss Maggie G. at one of The Dark Knight premieres looks very much like the Prada designs, but in fact is from Jean Paul Gaultier's '08 Couture collection.

Lace was also a prominent design feature in Philosophy's Fall '08 runway show. Although still utilizing the lace here, a very different look was achieved. The vibe I got from this show was romantic, yes, but it's more of a gothic, romantic feel. The lace combined with the other pieces really creates that style.

I love the romantic yet sort of sexy quality it can add to an outfit. In the Prada and Gaultier shows, you have the prettiness of the lace, but the way they used it as a see-through layer over other pieces, such as the way Maggie wore an orange bra under the Gaultier dress, which adds a more daring sexiness to the look. After looking through various designs, I also think that lace is much more versatility than one would imagine. It's a great trend that can take you from day to night. For example, the Prada look above (far left) could be for day, perhaps even with a blazer or long cardigan instead and then simply peel the layers off going into evening.

Full collections via Style.com:
Jean Paul Gautier

And for other lace looks featured on the runways:



27 August 2008

I Heart Colette

When I was studying in Paris I used to love browsing Colette. The boutique is a fantastic mix of creative randomness and quirkiness. Filled with products ranging from beauty to design to fashion and a whole lot in between.

I'm getting quite excited for the Colette pop-up store that will be featured in NYC's flagship Gap location (54th St. @ 5th Ave.) starting September 6th! It will be there for about a month, ending on October 5th.

You can check out some of the designs that will be featured in the pop-up (such as the t-shirt to the left) via High Snobiety. I think this is one of my favs, but all are fun and unique collaborations between Parisian and NYC artists.

Ahh, so thrilled it's Wednesday! Project Runway tonight perhaps? If I remember AND if there are no apts to see.


26 August 2008


That would be me, not the singer, to which my title refers. I know I've been preoccupied with all that is my mad, mad world at the moment BUT I do finally have some of my own pics to share.

I bought the skinny belt on the left from H&M, but I think I need to invest in a belt that doesn't actually look sooo cheap. On the right I'm wearing my favorite "uniform" as of late, the vest. I love mens-inspired styles and vests are a great way to pull a look together. Oh, and yes, the Balenciaga.

Ughh, collage from my little trip to the BK. Apartment hunting. Disaster. Hmm, at least this wasn't the day I got caught under a karaoke bar awning there waiting for a sudden downpour to let up, because as usual I didn't bring an umbrella ella ella. (Yeah, I did.) Btw, I've been wearing my Dolce Vita sandals practically non-stop since they arrived and I LOVE them.

On the left, as I've mentioned before, one of my other fav styles right now, ruffles. They're just fun. Top on the right is Staerk by Camilla Staerk, love the color and the pattern. I shot the background in lower East Harlem, the side of a building.

I just had to stop and snap a photo of this "house" because I was so struck by how truly normal and house-like it looked as opposed to your usual brownstones and apartment buildings in the city. I think I saw it somewhere on the UES. Me, trying out some white framed Ray Bans. Before, I wasn't really sure I could pull of white frames, but I kind of like them. I'm also really like some clear frames that I've tried on from some different designers. Top is actually a dress by Sally Tseng. I'm very into items that can double as other wardrobe pieces such as a dress as a top, etc. Haha, and check it out:

Heidi Klum's Stardoll dresses like me! You can't really see my entire outfit in the above photo, but I assure you I have on skinny jeans and my DV sandals. What can I say? Great fashionista minds think alike.

La la, ok I do have some other random photos to post but will wait for another day. Premier of Greek was tonight! Yay! Finally new seasons have begun and I have something to watch. But, now it's over and it's getting late, haha. Hey, I DO have work, you know. Plus, possibly seeing MORE apartments tomorrow. OMFG why is this not over yet!?



Welcome to the Dollhouse

I did a post earlier on Viktor & Rolf's dollhouse exhibition at the Barbican. If, like me, you're unable to check out such a fantastic display of fashion, head on over to If It's Hip, It's Here to see photos. You'll be able to see some great comparison pics featuring both the doll designs and the original styles. Their doll works are really amazingly detailed especially considering the difference in size they were working with. Very cool.



25 August 2008

What Would You Wear?

Oh my, crazy stressful super busy weekend = not enough time in the day to sit and write a post all weekend. I went out in the East Village to participate in the obligatory birthday revelry for two friends. Then I got up the next two mornings to go apartment hunting ALL DAY LONG. Searching for an apartment in the city is the least fun thing I can think of right now. A broker we were looking with reminded us of something Carrie said about how searching for an apartment (especially in NY) is like trying to find the perfect man. Basically, no man is perfect and no apartment is really perfect, it's just a matter of what flaws you can live with in both.

Anyway, I have a new dilemma, although more time to deal with this than my apartment search
(Sept. 1st!). A friend from college is getting married mid-October. I wasn't actually sure I was going to go because it's on a Friday and I have to work. Boo. However, some of my friends who are going are rather insistent that I should be there. This means shopping for not only a gift but also a dress to wear. What exactly does one wear to a wedding? I've been a bridesmaid, so that's fairly easy, but I've not been just a guest. How dressed up should I be? Color? Style? So many questions...

Photos [BCBG]

Normally one of my go-to dress sources would be BCBG. I think they usually have a great selection of styles and colors, look classy but still young. Although I'd rather not spend a ton of money right now, at least it isn't a bridesmaid dress I'll never wear again. I like these three options I found online, but I'm not exactly sure what is appropriate. The one in the middle is simple and clean but very pretty I think, the problem is the color. Is it too close to what the bride might be wearing?

Photos [Bloomindales]

Above are options from Bloomingdales. The first dress is pretty but again, I'm unsure of the color. Is it too bright? The other two are nice colors for fall since this will be in October. The third dress is Diane Von Furstenberg, which always look nice, but is a print/pattern good for a wedding or should I keep it simple with a solid?

Photos [Macys, Nicole Miller]

The first two from Macys are slightly cheaper options. The one-shoulder style is by Maggy London and since I'm quite fond of the one-shoulder trend right now, could be nice. The middle is from Lauren by Ralph Lauren, very simple but nice. The third is a bit different, cute strapless option from Nicole Miller. I like the color and you probably can't tell but it's actually pinstriped.

What do you think about these? Any other ideas? Send them my way, I need help!

P.S. Seeing another apt after work. Wish me luck!


22 August 2008

Zag Bags: Poisonous, Or Just Enhanced?

By now the use of Botox for cosmetic enhancement is so prevalent, I'm not really sure why I was terribly surprised to learn that Zagliani has the same idea of "enhancement" for its snakeskin bags.

I've read sources such as Jezebel (via Perez Hilton) that Botox, which is of course a toxin, is used on the bags to give the snakeskin, "a luxuriously soft finish."

However, I've come across other sources that claim the soft texture of the bag is due to injections of a, "complex mix of silicon and resin." Apparently the Zagliani creator, Mauro Orietti-Carella, is trained in dermatology so both of these could be true.

Either way, I kind of find it horrifying that a bag needs to be injected with either a poison or the same substance used for women who want to look like
The Girls Next Door. A little excessive, no?

Then again, being beautiful isn't easy...even for a little piece of luxury.

What do you think? Crazy? Scary? You'd buy it anyway?


Frenchie, Gossipy, Fabulous

First up in news that I am super excited about: The first EVER stateside Comptoir des Cotonniers will be opening up down in SoHo in the next day or so. Just in time for me to indulge in a little weekend shopping, no? Haha, we'll see...More info via Racked.

Onto more exciting info: Passing Henri Bendel's on my way to work today, I noticed they have their new Gossip Girl window display up! Since I was on the bus at the time I was unable to get pics, but I will be sure to put some up ASAP. Ahhhh, I cannot wait for the Season 2 premier of the BEST.SHOW.EVER! How could anyone not love a show with so much fashion inspiration AND drama packed into it? Don't forget to watch September 1st!

Lastly for my updates, I submitted a few photos for the chance to model during Fashion Indie Week Brooklyn. The one to the left seemed like a decent "head shot" at the time, haha. Oh well, I also submitted two of the self-portraits that I've put up here so I won't bore you with repeating them again. Anyhow, I'll let you know how that turns out if I actually hear back.

I'll try to be better about updating this weekend, but hopefully I'll be out finding myself a new home (wish me luck!) so forgive me if I slack off a bit. Once I'm settled I'll be able to get myself more organized.

Happy Friday!


21 August 2008


I discovered this calendar via Design Related (thanks for the photo!) and thought it was such a fun idea.

It features people wearing clothing according to the weather/season/holiday for each month, as well as being divided into the northern and southern hemispheres.

Now, I'm also thinking this could be a fun little craft project. Yes! I love a good project. You could certainly get creative with this. Plus, you'll have the added benefit of being more organized, or at least on schedule.

Ah well, time for lunch and some thinking about my apt situation.


20 August 2008

Fashion Photography: Solve Sundsbo

I love photography. I love the creativity, the expressiveness and all that it allows one to capture. It's something that I've been meaning to get back into lately, but have neglected, mainly due to work and other busyness.

Anyhow, fitting it is since I also love fashion, that I should love fashion photography. I quite admire the images that these photographers create, and hope to take inspiration from them and their work. With that in mind, I've decided to try to do regular posts highlighting various fashion photogs that I find unique, intriguing, inspiring...

First up is Norwegian fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo. I love the way he uses light to create contrast, patterns and mood in his photographs. So beautiful and mysterious. He also has a unique and subtle use of color to make certain aspects stand out or to make an image softer or more vibrant. His use of repetition is also interesting to me, particularly the repeating images of his subjects in motion which creates movement in his images and leads the eye across a page or photograph.

Photos [Google Images]

Love it! Have a great day!


Cut Down to Size

From now until September 21st, design duo Viktor & Rolf have a special exhibition on display at the Barbican in London.

The exhibit features key pieces throughout their careers, only one catch, these designs are actually replicas of originals, cut down to miniature size and modeled by dolls. Even more, they have created large doll house's just for the display.

A rather intriguing idea I think. Dressing up dolls is probably the first real chance one has to experiment with fashion. During my early childhood my mom was fond of dressing my sister (we're only 13 months apart) and myself alike right down to her homemade hair bows. I think we quickly developed our sense of style, mine being extremely girly and frilly and florally and lacy while my sister was the complete opposite, being super sporty and happy in any shade of wind pants that could be found.

Anyhow, I certainly would have loved some haute couture fashions to display my own dolls in, but of course, these won't actually be for sale or put into mass production for the toy industry.

Ah well, too bad I'm not in the UK to check it out. If anyone should see it, do send some pics (that is if you're allowed to snap any).

To check out additional info and more photos (and to credit the above) head to Don't Panic.

Happy hump day!


19 August 2008

Fashion Feeds the Soul

Which would you choose?

Surely that's more important than feeding one's stomach? Haha, I kid. However, I came across this bit of info:

According to a survey conducted by www.MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk, "What’s even more interesting is that 32% of UK females confess that if push came to shove they’d prefer to go without food to nab that fashion 'must-have'."

I'm reminded of a conversation with my friend M. She recently returned from a month-long study abroad trip in Pairs; she and I also studied in Paris together during the spring semester of our junior year. Summer in Paris is a great season for les soldes. So, being the fashion-centric person I am, of course I had to ask her about all of the fabulous shopping. Sadly, Mlle M replied that she'd made barely a single purchase, and had instead used her precious euros to go out to dinners and such.

This was baffling to me. First, I can be a bit of health nut and dining out constantly can never qualify as healthy eating. Second, I like to cook anyway and doing so saves me money. Three, I just see things SO differently. I would much rather use the money I save by NOT dining out on fabulous fashiony items.

M did not get this. In her mind, she was choosing to create fond memories and experience new flavors by venturing out to new restos. I, on the other hand disagree...somewhat. It's not as if I never go to restaurants in the city. I have a list a mile long of all the places I want to try, and I have certain friends who I consider my fav resto goers. However, I don't feel the need go out for food all the time just to have a new memory. If it's something particularly amazing, then yes, go out for that, but just everyday dining? I don't think so. My thinking is that while food is fun, it only lasts for a moment...or an hour or two or three. But clothes? They could last forever! Of course, things go out of style and you recycle your wardrobe, etc., but my point is they'll be around for a while.

Hmm, ponder ponder...

Food or fashion? What would you choose?


Fall Fashion Favorite: Boots!

Although I feel I should be desperately hanging on to these few summer weeks, my mind can't help wandering to thoughts of fall and the fabulous clothes I can wear and outfits to put together! Of course, it could also be EVERYONE around me reminding me how quickly the fall season will be upon us (just the other day my mom was asking me about Thanksgiving plans and plane tickets)!

No matter, I adore fall. The crisp, cool weather...not quite cold, but comfortable enough to walk around in light jackets and perfectly layer-able styles, plus the changing leaves add to the beauty of it all. And who could forget Fashion Week! What better way to start out my ultimate fashion-happy season?

Lately I've been eyeing footwear options and while I have two pairs of really great riding boots for fall, one black pair by Anne Klein and a brown pair by Frye, and I love them both dearly, I can't help but be drawn to all of the new styles I see online and in stores. I saw some beautiful Coach boots in Lord and Taylor that I WANT! Ughh, but not very easy on the bank account at nearly $450.

Photo: Report Kait Boots [Endless]

These Report boots were discovered browsing online. They offer the same style and versatility as the Coach boots do via a little snap on the back. You can wear them short and scrunched or taller, without the wrinkled folding. Plus, the heels on these look to be slightly shorter which might be a better for a city walker like myself.

What I'm really loving this season for boots are all the little details. Little editions that make these styles unique and add character. From folds and flaps to zippers and snaps, I don't think I'll run out of fun choices.

Photos, clockwise from top: Enzo Angiolini, Frye, Söfft, Tory Burch [Nordstrom]

I love the simple wrap buckly of the Enzo boots and the folded cuff and button closure of the Frye's. I'm also loving the gray color of both of those styles because typically you'll see a lot of brown and black, so it's a nice change for me. The Sofft boots are more casual with the wraparound style and the sleek Tory Burch have a lovely buckle at the top plus a cool, shiny zipper up the front. Now for the high...

Photos, clockwise from top: Jil Sander, Pierre Hardy, Viktor & Rolf, Chloe [Barneys]

Yet more fabulousness. I guess I'm really into buckles right now, but the rusching of the Pierre Hardy booties is super cool with the contrasting stripe. My favs are the Viktor & Rolf and the Chloe, which pretty much rock!

Ahhh, later lovers!


17 August 2008

Te Quiero Barcelona

So over the weekend I saw Woody Allen's new film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, at The Angelika. To summarize, the film looks at various relationships as two best friends travel to Barcelona for the summer and meet someone who has a great impact on them.

I quite liked the story and the movie. The scenery was beautiful and made me long to go back to Barcelona to walk among Gaudi's architecture and drink fabulous sangria. The film was funny and yet I wouldn't exactly call it a romantic comedy. It was more certain instances or characteristics that were comical while the story was really just one of people, and as I said, relationships.

It also spurred a desire to try to be more creative, which I've been wanting to do but kind of stopped once I started working a full-time job. I love photography and just taking all kinds of pictures which I haven't done lately, but would really love to start up again.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz were really wonderful in this. I wasn't always a big Penelope Cruz fan, but I very much liked her in Volver and I thought the role of Maria Elena in this film was perfect for her. I imagine Javier Bardem enjoyed playing this role as he had three lovely ladies lusting after him.

Scarlett Johansson was her usual pretty self, but overall I find her acting skills rather unimpressive.

The film was narrated by an anonymous male which I found unnecessary, but comoical at times, especially when describing Cristina (played by Scar Jo).

Rebecca Hall played Vicky, who's character reminded me much more of myself, although not entirely in a good way. Vicky is the more logical of the two friends, while Cristina is the free spirit. Vicky is practical, which makes her come off less adventurous, while Cristina is more carefree (or careless?).

I myself have friends like this and who make me feel like a Vicky. It's not that I dislike her character, perhaps it's because I found things that I identified with and that therefore made me envy certain aspects of Cristina, and of those friends of mine. I'm the type of person who likes to have a plan and know where things are going. I like to travel and be adventurous in that way or try new things, new foods, etc. but I am not adventurous when it comes to the heart. On that front I am extremely guarded.

I envy those who have that sort of carefree attitude, of taking chances and risks and just being ok, going with the flow of things. I would love to just pick and leave for Europe as some friends have done and abandon all responsibility. Perhaps if I didn't have student loan bills piling up I would and could, but these things place certain restrictions...limitations on me I feel. What I identify with in Cristina, is her restlessness and dissatisfaction. Sometimes things (situations, people, places) just aren't enough. I don't mind change, in fact at times I prefer it because I get bored and tired of my situation more easily than others. Likewise, I find it difficult to answer when anyone asks me, "What do you want?" Like Cristina, I don't know what I want...I only know what I don't want.

Hmm...this "review" was kind of all over the place. Sorry about that, too many thoughts and too little time to write. Internet at the apartment has been terrible again, so I'll try to keep up when I can until I've moved and hopefully have a better connection.



15 August 2008

A Haiku For You

Dear Alexander Wang,

A haiku for you:

Your designs are true.

Edgy and modern as you,

Sad, I can't buy this.

P.S. I heart you. Wrap this little number up and send it to me, won't you?

Yours truly,

Ok, not my best work of poetry, but considering I've not written any kind of poem, let alone a haiku since I can't even remember, not a bad attempt I think.

Have a fantastic weekend! Plans? Anything exciting do let me know. I'm seeing Vicky Cristina Barcelona ce soir, but will likely be apartment hunting the rest of le weekend. Ughh, the dread.


Photo [Shopbop]


As I'm sure most are aware by now, Teen Vogue is having a contest for readers to submit a snapshot of themselves showing off their personal style in their most fashion forward outfits. I started browsing through some of the entries, of which there are a lot, and have picked out some of my favorites below:

I love this girl's style. Every element of this outfit works for me and is something I would put together myself. Plus, how cute that the blazer is her little brothers?

I believe this is the same girl. Again, very cute, fun vintage style. Simple and it works. I like the added color from the cardigan, and the fact that she's wear a Hanes T-shirt, which I do A LOT is just awesome.

The girl on the left definitely gets props for being adventurous, edgy and completely unlike most of the others. I have to give the girl credit for really being unique and brave (because I couldn't pull this off) and experimenting by incorporating Lolita-esque style into her personal style, and hey, that's what the contest is about, right? Her outfit reminds me so much of the embellished coat Comme des Garçons has designed for the H&M collaboration.

She described her look as "rocker chic" and I'm loving it. The gray booties are great and she looks cool. I'd love to see a twist on this look by adding some more feminine touches to contrast with the rock edge. Maybe some flowy ruffles on top or a Blair Waldorf-esque headband?

She describes this as sort of Paris meets East Coast. I love the simplicity of it. The long cardigan is from Zahdig & Voltaire, a Parisian label and the shoes are Repetto. Love it!

To check out other looks head over to Teen Vogue's gallery. If you want to enter, better hurry because voting ends September 12th.

Yay for Friday!


Green with Envy

Since studying abroad in Paris (maybe even before) I've been particularly obsessed with finding the perfect green dress. I've actually always favored blue for color. My eyes are blue and certain shades of blue really make my eyes stand out.

Around the time I went to Paris (Spring '06) I had gotten into a green phase and determined that I needed a fabulous green dress. Not just any green, mind you, but the PERFECT shade of emerald green. You would not believe how difficult that has been to find. So, I had sort of let this go, no longer in pursuit of my search, but still hoping to stumble upon a great find one day.

Then, after watching Atonement, I found myself with renewed interest in seeking out my dress. Keira Knightley's stunning green gown from the film was a dream. The movement of it, the cut and of course, that color! So perfect.

Yesterday over at the Chic Report, a photograph of Whitney Able caught my attention.

Again, beautiful green perfection. I love the simplicity and style of the dress, and although it's actually vintage 1930's, I think it has very modern appeal.

Perhaps I'm just not meant to come across one of these beautiful creations of fashion. Because, maybe even more depressing than not finding the dress, would be finding it and having nowhere to wear it.

While I think these dresses are gorgeous, it's not as if I'm invited to galas and premieres and benefits at which this type of dress is appropriate. I would love to wear these, but more realistic would be a less dressed-up version of these. Something that I could wear out, to a nice dinner or to a lounge or a party. Whitney's dress, for example, would be better suited for me to actually wear I think if it were made into a mini dress. Anyway, for now the search continues, but the most important thing is that GREEN!

Any suggestions? Do alert me to any great finds. I'll be forever grateful.


Photo [Chic Report]

14 August 2008

Rant: Michael Phelps, NBC Golden Boy

Ok, I know you're probably thinking, how could anyone possibly have a problem with Michael "his hotness" Phelps?

Don't get me wrong, I think he's great and I like to think he has a secret dorky side to himself that, in my opinion, makes him even cuter. I don't take issue with Michael...more the media coverage he receives.

Is it just me, or is NBC completely obsessed with talking about him? I mean, why don't they just change their segment titles from "The Olympic Zone" to "The Michael Phelps Zone?"

Yes, he is a great swimming, amazing even. If I could think of even a decent comparison, I'd say he's the Roger Federer of swimming (R.F. is a machine!). However, when a network is referring to Phelps as the "greatest athlete ever," I have to stop and question that. Really, NBC? The greatest athlete EVER? Doesn't that kind of dismiss ALL the other athletes and ALL of the other athletic events participated in at the Olympics? Phelps could possibly be, and likely is, one of the top swimmers there has been. I would agree with that statement, and the guy has the gold medals to justify it. But has he ever run a marathon? Ever jumped fences on horseback or performed a balance beam routine? Umm, I'd have to ask him myself to be sure, but I'm thinking no.

Phelps' record setting wins shouldn't discount the coverage that all of the other athletes receive, which hasn't been much. In fact, in more than one interview, I've seen Matt Lauer and Meredith Vierra ask other athletes (particularly swimmers) about Phelps. I bet they felt really great, sitting down for an interview about their accomplishments to then be asked about Phelps.

My point is, perhaps NBC should get off the Michael Phelps train and jump onto the Team USA bandwagon.

Back to fantastic fashiony things...


Loving: Rick Owens

Photo [NY Times]

The Times' Critical Shopper has a lovely piece today on L.A. designer Rick Owens. On a recent trip to Barneys I browsed the designer's collection and quite liked it.

To me, the clothes are elegantly goth inspired, simple and put-together while at the same time slightly undone.

Best quotes: "This coat is like youth and sex and butter all at the same time. You could sleep on the sidewalk and you would never feel a lack. You wouldn’t even need love."

"Mr. Owens has said he is inspired by Lou Reed’s music. This makes sense: crudely simple melodies sung in an unpretty voice, but suspended in the excruciating tension of an almost unbearably delicate softness and sensitivity.

This mood can create anxiety, like sitting under a lead-glass chandelier that would crash down if not for the brilliant efforts of a single heroic spider. But unsettling settings also inspire relaxed inhibitions, creating the possibility for sudden intimacies to occur between strangers."

Super excited to check out the store...ha, as if I could afford anything. A girl can dream...



13 August 2008

Things I Like

This is actually a non-fashion related bit of info, but I think it's cool so I wanted to share.

Photo [Gizmodo]

The above photo is actually a still taken from a traffic video. This photo in particular shows air traffic in Great Britain as seen from outer space. I think the images are is pretty spectacular and beautiful to look at and the videos are even better. In fact, I could see these as a very cool installation in a museum such as the MoMa.

For me info and to check out the videos head over to Gizmodo's post Magic from Space.


Come SALE Away

Ok, I won't even try to pretend that was very clever. More important:

Plus, the offer includes complimentary shipping on all orders from Barneys online through August 26th! You'll thank me when you score a great pair of jeans for just $40...that's right.

P.S. Don't forget the Barneys warehouse sale starts tomorrow! 8 a.m.! Sadly I have to work and will not be able to check it out until this weekend.

Back to work!


12 August 2008

Culture and Class

First, what I wore yesterday:

Background from Flickr. Top: J.Crew, Jeans: Habitual, Heels: Kenneth Cole

As promised, photos from my "day of culture." The photos were taken on the rooftop garden because I've been wanting to check out the Jeff Koons exhibit there, plus it was a fantasticly lovely day outside. However, I highly recommend that you also stop inside to have a look at some of the photography exhibits they have right now because they're pretty great.

Ok, so actually, that isn't the outfit I wore that day, but thought I'd fit a "What I Wore" in there anyway. You can't really see, but the shirt has ruffles!

I like that you can see through this sculpture. Very cool, and love the colors.

Just imagine...if that was a giant chocolate heart! Looks pretty awesome against the NY skyline/backdrop.

Again, not what I wore that day but whatevs. I could NOT Photoshop myself properly without my head looking completely bizarre. Oh, and I love jackets.

I just like things that create repeating patterns, interesting angles or I guess I just think look cool.

Yeah, these guys are cool.

Ok, so apparently I really liked them. I played with the saturation a bit on this one.

Inside the museum. Again, repeating patterns and lines.

Hopefully will be back here later, but if not, you know what's up. Ughh, internet...