31 October 2008

Happy Halloweeeeen!

So, far I rode in the elevator this morning with the Joker. We'll see who else I run into today and/or tonight. I'm guessing a couple Palin's at least...



30 October 2008

Leader of the Pack...

I suppose it should come as no surprise that with this year's presidential race reaching a fever pitch, everything has come into focus. Including, of course, the wardrobe of the candidates and their significant others. But, I have to admit, sometimes it does seem as if they're being viewed more like celebrities than politicians.

I'm sure everyone remembers how well that White House Black Market dress started selling after Michelle Obama wore it on The View. There's also been much controversy as of late about the $150K spent on outfitting Sarah Palin, which, by the way, didn't make her look any better and IS ridiculous. Yes, yes, I know...we should be focusing on the issues!

Anyway, in another Mrs. Obama all-American fashion moment, being the regular gal that she is, Michelle
showed for her Jay Leno appearance wearing a lovely J. Crew ensemble:

Photos [Google & J.Crew]

I only bring this up because I read the following info via The Cut:

"That item skyrocketed to the most-viewed item on the site yesterday, receiving 464 percent more hits than the day before. Traffic on J.Crew's site as a whole increased 64 percent."

"By yesterday afternoon, the J.Crew in Rockefeller Center pulled all the cardigans off the racks to reserve for customers who called that morning and put them on hold."

Now, I don't know why found this so incredible. Indeed, if you search for "Michelle Obama" on J.Crew's site as The Cut mentions, it does bring up the Pembridge Dot skirt she wore. Perhaps it's just that I, personally, would like to think I don't let famous people dictate what I wear. I mean, it doesn't really seem to have anything to do with the fact that people actually like these particular pieces from J.Crew (of course some may), but more that they like that she wore them. I suppose it's not everyday that most people get to dress like a celeb, because a lot of the time what they're seen wearing costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So, I think it's interesting that she chooses...or perhaps it's just genius PR...to wear clothes that are actually within reach of American women. Although I do still think it's crazy how nuts people go over this stuff. Let's try to remember, it's great to be inspired by the way others dress, but fashion should be about individuality.


29 October 2008

Say Hi to Daul...

So, I'm pretty sure by now we all know...yes, Daul Kim likes to fork herself. Seriously, I'm not making this up. IT'S THE THE NAME OF HER BLOG. Which is I'm pleasantly surprised is quite amusing. Check it out: I Like to Fork Myself.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone knows and you'll read via Daul's blog and others (Fashion Indie) who have already posted on the controversial Polaroids Ms. Kim took with her "french gay boys" as she describes them. All in good fun, right? Haha. I mean, the girl is a model, posing for photos is her job.

Ughh, everyone just needs to calm down and eat some fruit.


27 October 2008

When It Rains, It Pours...

Last week was probably the craziest week I've had at work thus far. Even Friday was absolutely maddening. Needless to say I was stressed and needed to relax...or at least just chill. Chosen activity? Scary movie marathon!

So K came over and we made veggie tostado's and started our fright fest. First up was The Strangers, with Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler and the fashion world's very own Gemma Ward (as a psycho none the less!). Although I kind of would have liked them to explain more, especially in instances such as this, where it's supposed to be based on "actual events." Eh, really? I have to admit, the anxiety from seeing them mess with those two made it fairly scary.

Movie #2, The Orphanage, a Spanish film by Guillermo del Toro turned out to be more sad than scary, but there were some pretty creepy kids.

Now, we did have two others to watch (Les Yeux Sans Visage & Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), but a minor crisis ensued so our marathon came to a halt. To be brief and not share all of the details, our bathtub overflowed and started to flood our apartment with about an inch of water...and then leaked down to the floor below us. Ughh, long long night.

However, the next day I went to the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit with M & J! Umm, giant Chenel 2.55 handbag anyone? Yes, please! I have to say it was very cool, and considering you can't get tickets at all now other than waiting in the standby line, I was excited. Oh, and I saw Coco Rocha on the way, 86th @ 5th Ave., heading to the Guggenheim? Je ne sais pas.

Sadly, it began raining when we got out of the exhibit and on and off for the rest of the day.

Will post many pics very soon...when I figure out where I've misplaced my camera/computer cord thing.

Ughh, fashion writing class tonight so missing GG again. Boo, but I'll post my first short shopping story after revisions.

FYI, in case you live under a rock and haven't heard, MK & A will be at the Union Sq. B&N tomorrow at 12:30 to discuss Influence. Be there or be square. Hmm, except, not too sure I'll make it since I will be AT WORK.



23 October 2008

Stylista = Snooze

So, I can't say I really had high expectations for Miss Tyra's new CW series, Stylista. I mean, let's be honest, the previews weren't exactly thrilling. Yes, I decided to watch anyway as I'd already sat through ANTM.

My vote? Right now, I'm still undecided. Since this was the premiere and because I'm soooo nice, I'll cut them some slack and give it another watch or two or a few. Ha! But really? Do they have to try so hard (and not really succeeding btw) at ripping off The Devil Wears Prada? Clearly Anne Slowey's "character" is supposed to evoke a Miranda/Anna Wintour-esque personality, but she comes off boring. Also, what is up with her walk? You'd think the woman hasn't walked in heels a day in her life she just looks so awkward and uncomfortable sometimes.

Joe Zee is at least somewhat more interesting, but even he, I imagine, isn't as much of a hard-ass in person as they try to make him out to be on the show. His critique of each contestant's personal style was amusing, no love for the Michael Jackson glove, scarf anxiety, hats or cleavage revealing attire.

As for the contestants, none of them are particularly interesting right now and I can't say that I find any of them very stylish, except for DyShaun, who I actually think has a great look. I certainly hope the challenges get more interesting than bringing A.S. her breakfast in the future.


22 October 2008


Ahh, hahaha...I almost missed my bus stop for work this morning because I was pondering the H&M + Comme des Garcons line. To hit stores Nov. 13th! The anticipation is too much...be excited!


20 October 2008

Chanel Mobile Art!

So yay! Today kicks off the opening of the Chanel Mobile Art exhibit in Central Park. Created by Zaha Hadid, it should be pretty fantastic. I'm excited! Sadly I'll have to wait for the weekend as worky work and exhibit hours clash. I'll post pics after I go.

More info at the website.


17 October 2008

On Being Very Busy...

This week has been insanely busy. Work as usual followed by basically some sort of something going on every night after. Wednesday I went to the CW's Fall Bash (secretly hoping to spot the Gossip gang) at Blvd on the LES. They had show inspired drinks such as "Sex at the Peach" (90210 - the Peach Pit, haha) and a "Chuck Basstard" which was waaaay too sweet to be a drink either for or inspired by Chuckles. Spotted? No one interesting unfortunately. Then of course there was the debate!

Anyway, last night I went to a cocktail event at the Gant flagship store for Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist's photography project with the store. So that was pretty cool and I always love his photographs and I would LOVE to work with him on something. I think we'd get along just famously. Photos courtesy Gant, and check here to view more of their collaboration.

Of course, couldn't miss Grey's. I know, I know...a lot of people think it's gone downhill, but I for one still love it.

Ah well, today I'm heading out of work early to run some errands and get ready for my friend S' wedding! I'm not in it, just a guest, but it's in Jersey so I'll have to g
et myself ready and then take the train there. You may remember, I'd been pondering what to wear for quite some time. So, what did I decide on?

The below BCBG runway dress! Just lovely I think, and the color is really great
for me. Unfortunately I don't have the fab belt to go with it, but I can't really complain since it's a $400 dress that I found on sale at Bloomingdales for the low price of just $56! Yeah, you read that right. In fact, it was such a great deal that I ended up buying a second BCBG black lace dress just because I liked it, and it was originally $300, but I only paid $42! Since it's gotten a bit cooler today I'll likely wear tights with it, but I'm quite thrilled that I found it.

I'll be sure to post more of my own photos very soon since my internet is finally working! Yay! Perhaps if I actually get to relax this weekend?

Happy Friday!


15 October 2008

How I Spent My Lunch Hour

Yes, that's right. I spent my lunch eating soup and creating the above virtual sand art. I call this, " A Rainbow of Mountains." I must say, although it probably seems like a complete waste of time, it's pretty relaxing and kind of fun. I feel like this should be a Twitter and not a post, but then I couldn't share my creativity and that would be a shame.

Try it via ThisIsSand.


Getting Costumey

Went to the Yelle concert last night! Yay! After hanging out with my friend K on a couch in the lobby for 3 hours, the show finally began. Really, if a ticket says the show is at 7pm, then it should actually BE at 7pm. Instead, they said 7 when what they actually meant was get here at 7, wait for an hour until the first act starts at 8, then the second act at 9 and then Yelle will be on for you at 10pm. Oh, wait, you mean you didn't want to sit through all of that extra stuff? Oops...So they had tiny little signs up outside, supposedly since I didn't see ANY of those, with that info posted and we got inside and the girl tore our ticket stubs before we'd realized all of this and of course, no-reentry. BUT the concert was pretty fun and dancey AND I now think I have decided on my Halloween costume! Behold:

Yelle! She changed into this for the encore and I believe also wears it in at least one video. I'll have to figure out exactly how to make the top/semi-dress though. Right now I'm thinking a large men's undershirt, gather the sleeves a bit and sew them, get a red bobbed wig and take a picture of myself in it to get blown up and printed on the shirt. Then, since there's no way I'm sewing on a bunch of sequins, I can just use some glitter and get some silver leggings from American Apparel. I don't know about the yellow sneakers. I certainly don't want to buy something like that unless they happen to be super cheap. So I'll probably just wear my new Puma's which are white with hot pink accents. Fabulous!



14 October 2008


Going to see her ---->
ce soir at Webster Hall!



13 October 2008

XOXO, Gossip Girl Recap

Hell hath no fury like a Blair Waldorf scorned...yeah, I'm pretty sure that's probably been used. So what? Gosh, I'm so glad to see that Blair was actually putting up a fight tonight. Last episode she almost seemed to just rollover in disbelief with no plan for revenge.

Spoiler Alert! Since I choose not to censor myself, fair warning that if you read on, details about tonight's episode will be given away.

So the GG crew headed up to visit Yale and the usual drama followed right along. I'll try to keep my summary short and sweet. Even though S wanted to go to Brown, she d
ecided to prove to B that she was a smart little lady and so she wound up with the rest of the Yaley prepsters. Blah blah blah, this eventually led to an all-out cat fight between and S and B.

After calling it a draw they realized they simply couldn't part ways and they'd of course get together, rationalizing as many a teenager does that their fighting is all due to building insecurities of being separated once they leave for college.

Meanwhile, Dan the Man is told his Yale app gets an I for incomplete and has to come up with another stellar recommendation for his witty words on paper. His plans are almost foiled when The Skulls (due to Mr. Bass' craftiness) mistake him for Nate, whom they're none too pleased with for losing their precious trust funds because of the Cappie.

Mr. Bass thinks he's saving young Nathaniel's ass from the scary Skulls, but sadly for him, Nathaniel decides it's just so uncool of him to treat poor Danny Boy that way and runs back to St. Jude's now finding Dan to be A-okay.

Crazy father figure Rufus, after spending the day with Little J slaving away at Eleanor's, decides she can totally drop out at 15 and be home schooled by V, herself just now applying to college (shout out to NYU! hahaha).

I think that about covers the basics. So, critique. First, anyone else starting to wondering where Little Eric-a went? The boy has been missing for sometime now it seems. Perhaps he'll become Little J's design sidekick/backer for a fashion line. Nothing exciting for the adults this week seeing as Rufus hung out with his daughter and Lily, well, sort of just hung out with herself and Bart was nowhere to be seen, so I assume away on business as usual.

And of course, the fashion. I have to say it was rather uninspired tonight. I mean, I suppose the Herve Leger bandage dresses have been making a steady comeback on red carpets, but I'm kind of over it. They just aren't very attractive on most. She did have a cute striped blazer but the crescent on it seemd a little too Juicy for me. Blair wore her usual headbands which I like, and the plaid outfit at the end was sort of fun, but other than that, thought the fashion tonight was a snooze fest all around. I expect better next time! Ah, but I just love the show soooo much, so I'll forgive them this time.

Edit: Above, in reference to the Herve Leger bandage dresses, I should have specified "inspired" dresses, as the dress that Serena wore was not actually Herve Leger.



Photos [cwtv.com]

12 October 2008

Charmed, I'm Sure...

Oh, Chanel. I must say I'm completely in love with the Spring '09 collection shown during Paris Fashion Week. I know, I'm a little behind in posting this so I'll keep it short, but I just can't help myself. It's so completely fabulous. However, instead of my top five picks I'd just like to note an observation. Designers often take inspiration from all sorts of things, creating the theme of a new collection around them. As I've mentioned before, film costumes are just one example of drawing on a certain look and incorporating aspects of it into designs. What we see worn in films also, as I mentioned before as well, has an impact on what we buy and wear.

Photos [Style.com]

When I first looked over the Spring '09 Chanel collection, I instantly loved it. I was particularly attracted to the beautiful dresses near the end of the show, some of which are pictured above. I was also struck by how familiar they seemed. I don't know where Karl drew his inspiration from for this collection, but does anyone else think these dresses seem a bit "Audrey Hepburn-esque?" My Fair Lady? Anyone?

It isn't merely that I think they look like something she would wear. To me, they seem almost reinterpreted, and more modern versions of dresses she wore in some of her films. It's all in the details, colors and cuts. I'm kind of loving the idea actually. So, if in fact that was the goal for this collection, I'd say it was achieved and I'd rock any one of those dresses.



10 October 2008

Fashion Photography: Get Me Demarchelier!

Patrick Demarchelier has had years of fashion photography experience and is most certainly recognized as one of the best in the business. (You may recall Miranda's, eh hem, Meryll Streep's, screaming to "Get Patrick on the phone!") He deserves the praise because his photographs are fantastic and beautiful.

I happen to love black and white photographs. Even without color, this photo peaks interest through his creativity.

Again, the black and white. The movement gives the photo life and the lighting creates really great angles and lines.

Haha, well now, that's just awesome.

I'm particularly interested in, even with my own photos, choosing unusual angles and viewpoints, so I love how you can still see part of a person "behind the scenes" and some equipment.

Slightly morbid? Perhaps, but the red is incredible. It really pops with the dark background of the grass and the pale skin. Reminds of the Black Dahlia...or maybe the Joker?

So pretty...and I heart butterflies.

I love the muted, almost faded look of this photograph. Great light.

Again muted, grayish tones but it totally works and creates a fabulous image. The motion here is great as well.

The neutral background almost blends with the hair and skin tone, and although the colors are toned down it gives this photo a unique look.

I like that you can see a little light shining through behind her. It creates a soft image and helps the white top and hat stand out from the light background.

I like the shape of the body here and the movement, which really helps to show off the dress and the swinging sleeves.

For more check out Demarchelier.net.


09 October 2008

Lovely Lanvin

Sorry I've been so absent these past few days...hmm, yeah, most of this week/weekend I guess. Internet troubles and have been feeling a bit under the weather and greatly in need of rest but so much to do. My Mom is visiting this weekend! Yay! I'm excited but also wish I was feeling better so I'd enjoy things more and could get more accomplished, i.e. laundry, cleaning...

Anyway, as Paris FW has come to a close, I give you my top picks from Lanvin.

Photos [Style.com]

Ah yes, the always amazing Alber. How do you do it M. Elbaz? Simply flawless...A subdued palette with a lot of black and charcoal tones, and a print and a pop of color thrown in every now and then. The cuts on all of these are fantastic, the draping, the wrapping...so beautiful. On-trend with some one-shoulder styles that I love, and that absolutely stunning emerald green creation...c'est magnifique! Oh Alber, je t'aime. Send some love (and your fab clothes) my way soon?



03 October 2008

Fashion Week Top Five: Nobody Does It Better...

That's Karl I speak of, not Carly (bonus points if you get that). Oh ok, I suppose I can't leave out John, Stella and some of my other favs. Ah yes, Paris brings out the best. Sorry posting has been so terrible, I THOUGHT I would have internet last night as it was supposed to be set up, sadly it STILL would not work. Boo. Anyway, my top five picks from some of the latest Paris runways:

Photos [Style.com]

Oh Karl, what can I say? Everything you do turns to sold? (Also, bonus points if you get that...haha, oh movies on tv). I'm loving the cleanness of the black and white, it's so you Mr. Lagerfeld and très chic. The high waisted pants and skirts are fabulous. Belts, bold and beautiful! With just a hint of print and a splash of color. Well done!

Photos [Style.com]

Loved Stella! So many beautiful choices. The simple, pale color palette felt so light. The oversized blazer/jackets are fantastic, such beautiful lines and cuts on everything. The sheerness of some of the these pieces is perfection and those sequins are so pretty and glittery I think I need garments made just of them draped all over me. And of course, can't go wrong with a LBD and this one is just lovely.

Photos [Style.com]

I'm not sure this will be considered a particular favorite Dior collection of mine, considering Galliano's past collections. However, I like the cinched waists and the sheer panels, which is very in-keeping with a seemingly new favorite trend for Spring '09. Lots of pretty little dresses and skirts and some fab jackets.

Photos [Style.com]

Oh so classy. Stefano Pilato's Spring '09 collection for Yves Saint Laurent seemed to me to be a tribute to Yves and very much aligned with the YSL look. I loved the addition of the sequined dresses at the end which added a touch of color and brilliance. Again, bits of sheer throughout the show in blouses are on trend. And again, keeping a cinched waist with belts and a high-waisted cut. What exactly are those shoes made out of? Very curious...

That's all kids! Have a fantastic weekend and hopefully I'll be able to fix l'internet when I get home ce soir.


01 October 2008

Kate Winslet, Designer?

Photos: Kate Winslet, Vivienne Westwood

Not exactly, although with the proliferation of actress turned designers it probably wouldn't come as a surprise. Instead, Ms. Winslet will delve into the world of design, portraying the life of Vivienne Westwood in an upcoming film. While it sounds like details aren't certain, I'm hoping this project is definitely going into production. I think Kate is a great actress and could be really great in this role. More over at FashionIndie.

Exciting! I just love seeing fashion come to life on film. Could this be a film trend I see? There have/are already two or three Coco Chanel films in production or perhaps already finished by now. Will others follow? I'm thinking a film on the life of Yves Saint Laurent could be a definite possibility, and one day perhaps Karl? Hmm, who else would have a great life story on film?