27 October 2008

When It Rains, It Pours...

Last week was probably the craziest week I've had at work thus far. Even Friday was absolutely maddening. Needless to say I was stressed and needed to relax...or at least just chill. Chosen activity? Scary movie marathon!

So K came over and we made veggie tostado's and started our fright fest. First up was The Strangers, with Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler and the fashion world's very own Gemma Ward (as a psycho none the less!). Although I kind of would have liked them to explain more, especially in instances such as this, where it's supposed to be based on "actual events." Eh, really? I have to admit, the anxiety from seeing them mess with those two made it fairly scary.

Movie #2, The Orphanage, a Spanish film by Guillermo del Toro turned out to be more sad than scary, but there were some pretty creepy kids.

Now, we did have two others to watch (Les Yeux Sans Visage & Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), but a minor crisis ensued so our marathon came to a halt. To be brief and not share all of the details, our bathtub overflowed and started to flood our apartment with about an inch of water...and then leaked down to the floor below us. Ughh, long long night.

However, the next day I went to the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit with M & J! Umm, giant Chenel 2.55 handbag anyone? Yes, please! I have to say it was very cool, and considering you can't get tickets at all now other than waiting in the standby line, I was excited. Oh, and I saw Coco Rocha on the way, 86th @ 5th Ave., heading to the Guggenheim? Je ne sais pas.

Sadly, it began raining when we got out of the exhibit and on and off for the rest of the day.

Will post many pics very soon...when I figure out where I've misplaced my camera/computer cord thing.

Ughh, fashion writing class tonight so missing GG again. Boo, but I'll post my first short shopping story after revisions.

FYI, in case you live under a rock and haven't heard, MK & A will be at the Union Sq. B&N tomorrow at 12:30 to discuss Influence. Be there or be square. Hmm, except, not too sure I'll make it since I will be AT WORK.



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