10 October 2008

Fashion Photography: Get Me Demarchelier!

Patrick Demarchelier has had years of fashion photography experience and is most certainly recognized as one of the best in the business. (You may recall Miranda's, eh hem, Meryll Streep's, screaming to "Get Patrick on the phone!") He deserves the praise because his photographs are fantastic and beautiful.

I happen to love black and white photographs. Even without color, this photo peaks interest through his creativity.

Again, the black and white. The movement gives the photo life and the lighting creates really great angles and lines.

Haha, well now, that's just awesome.

I'm particularly interested in, even with my own photos, choosing unusual angles and viewpoints, so I love how you can still see part of a person "behind the scenes" and some equipment.

Slightly morbid? Perhaps, but the red is incredible. It really pops with the dark background of the grass and the pale skin. Reminds of the Black Dahlia...or maybe the Joker?

So pretty...and I heart butterflies.

I love the muted, almost faded look of this photograph. Great light.

Again muted, grayish tones but it totally works and creates a fabulous image. The motion here is great as well.

The neutral background almost blends with the hair and skin tone, and although the colors are toned down it gives this photo a unique look.

I like that you can see a little light shining through behind her. It creates a soft image and helps the white top and hat stand out from the light background.

I like the shape of the body here and the movement, which really helps to show off the dress and the swinging sleeves.

For more check out Demarchelier.net.


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