15 October 2008

Getting Costumey

Went to the Yelle concert last night! Yay! After hanging out with my friend K on a couch in the lobby for 3 hours, the show finally began. Really, if a ticket says the show is at 7pm, then it should actually BE at 7pm. Instead, they said 7 when what they actually meant was get here at 7, wait for an hour until the first act starts at 8, then the second act at 9 and then Yelle will be on for you at 10pm. Oh, wait, you mean you didn't want to sit through all of that extra stuff? Oops...So they had tiny little signs up outside, supposedly since I didn't see ANY of those, with that info posted and we got inside and the girl tore our ticket stubs before we'd realized all of this and of course, no-reentry. BUT the concert was pretty fun and dancey AND I now think I have decided on my Halloween costume! Behold:

Yelle! She changed into this for the encore and I believe also wears it in at least one video. I'll have to figure out exactly how to make the top/semi-dress though. Right now I'm thinking a large men's undershirt, gather the sleeves a bit and sew them, get a red bobbed wig and take a picture of myself in it to get blown up and printed on the shirt. Then, since there's no way I'm sewing on a bunch of sequins, I can just use some glitter and get some silver leggings from American Apparel. I don't know about the yellow sneakers. I certainly don't want to buy something like that unless they happen to be super cheap. So I'll probably just wear my new Puma's which are white with hot pink accents. Fabulous!



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