01 October 2008

Kate Winslet, Designer?

Photos: Kate Winslet, Vivienne Westwood

Not exactly, although with the proliferation of actress turned designers it probably wouldn't come as a surprise. Instead, Ms. Winslet will delve into the world of design, portraying the life of Vivienne Westwood in an upcoming film. While it sounds like details aren't certain, I'm hoping this project is definitely going into production. I think Kate is a great actress and could be really great in this role. More over at FashionIndie.

Exciting! I just love seeing fashion come to life on film. Could this be a film trend I see? There have/are already two or three Coco Chanel films in production or perhaps already finished by now. Will others follow? I'm thinking a film on the life of Yves Saint Laurent could be a definite possibility, and one day perhaps Karl? Hmm, who else would have a great life story on film?


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