23 October 2008

Stylista = Snooze

So, I can't say I really had high expectations for Miss Tyra's new CW series, Stylista. I mean, let's be honest, the previews weren't exactly thrilling. Yes, I decided to watch anyway as I'd already sat through ANTM.

My vote? Right now, I'm still undecided. Since this was the premiere and because I'm soooo nice, I'll cut them some slack and give it another watch or two or a few. Ha! But really? Do they have to try so hard (and not really succeeding btw) at ripping off The Devil Wears Prada? Clearly Anne Slowey's "character" is supposed to evoke a Miranda/Anna Wintour-esque personality, but she comes off boring. Also, what is up with her walk? You'd think the woman hasn't walked in heels a day in her life she just looks so awkward and uncomfortable sometimes.

Joe Zee is at least somewhat more interesting, but even he, I imagine, isn't as much of a hard-ass in person as they try to make him out to be on the show. His critique of each contestant's personal style was amusing, no love for the Michael Jackson glove, scarf anxiety, hats or cleavage revealing attire.

As for the contestants, none of them are particularly interesting right now and I can't say that I find any of them very stylish, except for DyShaun, who I actually think has a great look. I certainly hope the challenges get more interesting than bringing A.S. her breakfast in the future.


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