30 October 2008

Leader of the Pack...

I suppose it should come as no surprise that with this year's presidential race reaching a fever pitch, everything has come into focus. Including, of course, the wardrobe of the candidates and their significant others. But, I have to admit, sometimes it does seem as if they're being viewed more like celebrities than politicians.

I'm sure everyone remembers how well that White House Black Market dress started selling after Michelle Obama wore it on The View. There's also been much controversy as of late about the $150K spent on outfitting Sarah Palin, which, by the way, didn't make her look any better and IS ridiculous. Yes, yes, I know...we should be focusing on the issues!

Anyway, in another Mrs. Obama all-American fashion moment, being the regular gal that she is, Michelle
showed for her Jay Leno appearance wearing a lovely J. Crew ensemble:

Photos [Google & J.Crew]

I only bring this up because I read the following info via The Cut:

"That item skyrocketed to the most-viewed item on the site yesterday, receiving 464 percent more hits than the day before. Traffic on J.Crew's site as a whole increased 64 percent."

"By yesterday afternoon, the J.Crew in Rockefeller Center pulled all the cardigans off the racks to reserve for customers who called that morning and put them on hold."

Now, I don't know why found this so incredible. Indeed, if you search for "Michelle Obama" on J.Crew's site as The Cut mentions, it does bring up the Pembridge Dot skirt she wore. Perhaps it's just that I, personally, would like to think I don't let famous people dictate what I wear. I mean, it doesn't really seem to have anything to do with the fact that people actually like these particular pieces from J.Crew (of course some may), but more that they like that she wore them. I suppose it's not everyday that most people get to dress like a celeb, because a lot of the time what they're seen wearing costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So, I think it's interesting that she chooses...or perhaps it's just genius PR...to wear clothes that are actually within reach of American women. Although I do still think it's crazy how nuts people go over this stuff. Let's try to remember, it's great to be inspired by the way others dress, but fashion should be about individuality.


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