13 October 2008

XOXO, Gossip Girl Recap

Hell hath no fury like a Blair Waldorf scorned...yeah, I'm pretty sure that's probably been used. So what? Gosh, I'm so glad to see that Blair was actually putting up a fight tonight. Last episode she almost seemed to just rollover in disbelief with no plan for revenge.

Spoiler Alert! Since I choose not to censor myself, fair warning that if you read on, details about tonight's episode will be given away.

So the GG crew headed up to visit Yale and the usual drama followed right along. I'll try to keep my summary short and sweet. Even though S wanted to go to Brown, she d
ecided to prove to B that she was a smart little lady and so she wound up with the rest of the Yaley prepsters. Blah blah blah, this eventually led to an all-out cat fight between and S and B.

After calling it a draw they realized they simply couldn't part ways and they'd of course get together, rationalizing as many a teenager does that their fighting is all due to building insecurities of being separated once they leave for college.

Meanwhile, Dan the Man is told his Yale app gets an I for incomplete and has to come up with another stellar recommendation for his witty words on paper. His plans are almost foiled when The Skulls (due to Mr. Bass' craftiness) mistake him for Nate, whom they're none too pleased with for losing their precious trust funds because of the Cappie.

Mr. Bass thinks he's saving young Nathaniel's ass from the scary Skulls, but sadly for him, Nathaniel decides it's just so uncool of him to treat poor Danny Boy that way and runs back to St. Jude's now finding Dan to be A-okay.

Crazy father figure Rufus, after spending the day with Little J slaving away at Eleanor's, decides she can totally drop out at 15 and be home schooled by V, herself just now applying to college (shout out to NYU! hahaha).

I think that about covers the basics. So, critique. First, anyone else starting to wondering where Little Eric-a went? The boy has been missing for sometime now it seems. Perhaps he'll become Little J's design sidekick/backer for a fashion line. Nothing exciting for the adults this week seeing as Rufus hung out with his daughter and Lily, well, sort of just hung out with herself and Bart was nowhere to be seen, so I assume away on business as usual.

And of course, the fashion. I have to say it was rather uninspired tonight. I mean, I suppose the Herve Leger bandage dresses have been making a steady comeback on red carpets, but I'm kind of over it. They just aren't very attractive on most. She did have a cute striped blazer but the crescent on it seemd a little too Juicy for me. Blair wore her usual headbands which I like, and the plaid outfit at the end was sort of fun, but other than that, thought the fashion tonight was a snooze fest all around. I expect better next time! Ah, but I just love the show soooo much, so I'll forgive them this time.

Edit: Above, in reference to the Herve Leger bandage dresses, I should have specified "inspired" dresses, as the dress that Serena wore was not actually Herve Leger.



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