25 August 2008

What Would You Wear?

Oh my, crazy stressful super busy weekend = not enough time in the day to sit and write a post all weekend. I went out in the East Village to participate in the obligatory birthday revelry for two friends. Then I got up the next two mornings to go apartment hunting ALL DAY LONG. Searching for an apartment in the city is the least fun thing I can think of right now. A broker we were looking with reminded us of something Carrie said about how searching for an apartment (especially in NY) is like trying to find the perfect man. Basically, no man is perfect and no apartment is really perfect, it's just a matter of what flaws you can live with in both.

Anyway, I have a new dilemma, although more time to deal with this than my apartment search
(Sept. 1st!). A friend from college is getting married mid-October. I wasn't actually sure I was going to go because it's on a Friday and I have to work. Boo. However, some of my friends who are going are rather insistent that I should be there. This means shopping for not only a gift but also a dress to wear. What exactly does one wear to a wedding? I've been a bridesmaid, so that's fairly easy, but I've not been just a guest. How dressed up should I be? Color? Style? So many questions...

Photos [BCBG]

Normally one of my go-to dress sources would be BCBG. I think they usually have a great selection of styles and colors, look classy but still young. Although I'd rather not spend a ton of money right now, at least it isn't a bridesmaid dress I'll never wear again. I like these three options I found online, but I'm not exactly sure what is appropriate. The one in the middle is simple and clean but very pretty I think, the problem is the color. Is it too close to what the bride might be wearing?

Photos [Bloomindales]

Above are options from Bloomingdales. The first dress is pretty but again, I'm unsure of the color. Is it too bright? The other two are nice colors for fall since this will be in October. The third dress is Diane Von Furstenberg, which always look nice, but is a print/pattern good for a wedding or should I keep it simple with a solid?

Photos [Macys, Nicole Miller]

The first two from Macys are slightly cheaper options. The one-shoulder style is by Maggy London and since I'm quite fond of the one-shoulder trend right now, could be nice. The middle is from Lauren by Ralph Lauren, very simple but nice. The third is a bit different, cute strapless option from Nicole Miller. I like the color and you probably can't tell but it's actually pinstriped.

What do you think about these? Any other ideas? Send them my way, I need help!

P.S. Seeing another apt after work. Wish me luck!


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