20 August 2008

Cut Down to Size

From now until September 21st, design duo Viktor & Rolf have a special exhibition on display at the Barbican in London.

The exhibit features key pieces throughout their careers, only one catch, these designs are actually replicas of originals, cut down to miniature size and modeled by dolls. Even more, they have created large doll house's just for the display.

A rather intriguing idea I think. Dressing up dolls is probably the first real chance one has to experiment with fashion. During my early childhood my mom was fond of dressing my sister (we're only 13 months apart) and myself alike right down to her homemade hair bows. I think we quickly developed our sense of style, mine being extremely girly and frilly and florally and lacy while my sister was the complete opposite, being super sporty and happy in any shade of wind pants that could be found.

Anyhow, I certainly would have loved some haute couture fashions to display my own dolls in, but of course, these won't actually be for sale or put into mass production for the toy industry.

Ah well, too bad I'm not in the UK to check it out. If anyone should see it, do send some pics (that is if you're allowed to snap any).

To check out additional info and more photos (and to credit the above) head to Don't Panic.

Happy hump day!


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