01 August 2008

Lucky Chuck

I don't usually wear tennis shoes/sneakers...really any type of athletic shoe very often. Terrible, I know, because this means I exercise how often? Hmm, clearly not enough and I've been meaning to buy some so that I can start running. Oh well, I live in NY...don't I get enough exercise just from walking everywhere everyday all the time!? Basically, these types of shoes just don't go with the things I usually wear.

Anyhow, I came across these new Converse Chucks via Cool Hunting. The best part is that they're made from vintage leather jackets! I love the zipper detail and can just imagine how comfortable they would probably be with that already broken-in feel. Of course, I wouldn't go out and run laps in them, but hey, we're talking fashion here. As long as it looks good...

Photos [Cool Hunting]

While I can appreciate their unique qualities and I do think they're pretty cool, I'm not willing to fork over nearly $400 to have a pair. I mean, how much are you really willing to pay for reconstructed vintage pieces?

Peace, love and...Converse. Ha!


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