04 August 2008

Gossiping Girls

Good morning Sunshine!

Haha, so I got to work early, as I often do and decided to get in an early post for today. I happen to live on the Upper East Side (right now at least, currently looking for an apt for Sept. 1st!). No, not in some super fancy schmancy pad. It's your typical tiny NY apartment that I share with three, that's right,
three other girls. Despite what certain television shows depicting the city, etc. would have non-New Yorkers believe, the UES can actally be one of the more affordable areas and apartments are often bigger than say, what one might find in the East Village.

Anyhow, there are still the amazing buildings I walk by all the time on Park or Madison or Fifth that are worth millions and incredible and yes, I wish I lived in them. So you can imagine the wealthy adults and kids that I see fairly regularly. Today while on the bus (I
like the bus) on my way to work, I was sitting among three young girls. I'm not good at guessing ages, but I'd say they were young high schoolers. Let me tell you, I felt like I was on an episode of Gossip Girl.

These three, not particularly well dressed in my opinion, were criticizing another girl, we'll call her R. For not showing much of a sense of style themselves, they seemed to have no problem calling out R for hers. Apparently, her style is too "Miami" and "bright." They proceeded to discuss various "hideous/ugly" outfits that she wears to go out.
Then, they talked about how they tried to go to The Plumm the other night. This is a lounge/club that I have been to before, partially owned by Chris Noth and Samantha Ronson among others, and that I was not impressed with. Needless to say, these girls did NOT get in. This, at least, is much more realistic than what GG would have people believe. No way would any of these "exclusive" clubs, lounges, etc. such as Butter and Socialista, would ever let in a group of 15 year old girls. I don't care who they're wearing or what amount of cash they have to drop. They would NOT GET IN.

I'm not saying they were wrong or right for their behavior. It's common for girls at their age to talk trash on other girls. As I'm sure we all know, girls can be mean, I think because we're very competitive. You know, I've always heard that, in fact, girls dress for other girls, not guys. I think this probably true. I mean, how many guys would even notice who or what you're wearing anyway? Besides, I'm not gonna lie, I can be pretty judgey myself. So, I merely wanted to share this because I found it quite amusing. Oh, high school drama...

GG premieres September 1st! I so love that show...



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