03 August 2008


Okay...so I don't want to be one of those people who is all complainy all the time, but I really need to rant a bit.

I like to go out and walk around on the weekends often. Usually to shop or at least window shop and just to get out or perhaps head to the park or a museum. Many times I go alone, which I'm fine with and is usually probably best because I can take
forever just looking at the pretty pretty things that I wish I could buy.

I'm quite happy doing this...until hear a male passerby say, "Smile, beautiful." I f***ing hate that comment! They don't say it in a nice, sincere way either, it's more of a Creepy McCreeperson, makes my skin crawl/roll my eyes in irritation kind of way manner. Perhaps I wouldn't be so bothered if I thought these comments came out of genuine concern or friendliness.

It may seem a bit silly to let something like this get to me, but I've experienced this on more than one occasion. Why do they feel the need to say this at all? It's completely unnecessary. Furthermore, just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean that I'm unhappy, but do I really need to walk around 24/7 with a smile plastered onto my face. Personally, I'd feel like a complete idiot just walking down the street everyday with a constant grin. I smile and I laugh, but I do when I want to. Why do these men think that I should be smiling just because I'm out walking around. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

Am I the only person who thinks is completely annoying? Has anybody else experienced this too?

Ughh, so that kind of killed my happy shopping mood. I did, however, take many dress up pictures which I'll be posting soon...I hope...as long as my internet stays strong. Hopefully I'll get to work on my Fall wish list too. I
must get myself organized otherwise I'm just all over the place and feel lost in fashion chaos with soooo many options! Ahhhh...but I do love it! There are just so many things and I don't exactly have a huge budget, so that sucks, and then I can't seem to decide what I want the most. Haha, I know, I have issues.

P.S. There are some awesome (I hope) sample sales this week. Yes! Maybe I can score some cheap finds. I'll let you all know if they're any good.

Angry face. Photo [Flickr]



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