06 August 2008

Shopping Obsession


Nearly every weekend I go into at least a few stores, if not to buy then at least to look. Besides, I usually like to look around, try things on and just take it all in before making any purchases. I'm a girl on a budget, so I don't like to make impulse purchases...yes, I am guilty of it sometimes. I just love shopping trips too much so I hate to come away empty handed. Anyway, finally, I can get some of these pics for you.

Hmm, feet are hard to Photoshop. On me: Marc by Marc Jacobs dress at Barneys.

Because fish are cool. Being able to stare at fab clothes all day would be cool too. Not that they remember...

All from H&M and Zara. I did buy the skirt, but I'm still a little iffy about it. Also, I'm loving ruffles right now.

Crazy cool. Love it! But would I wear it? What do you think? Should I try it on? Ha!

Below, my terribly boring "What I Wore" compilation minus some pics I couldn't find. Sadly my outfits as of late have been a bit, meh, but what's a girl to do? It's summer in the city, it's hot and making me horribly lazy. Oh how I need lovely Fall weather in my life right now, along with a fantastic new wardrobe. Boo, that won't happen.

I also completely love menswear inspired pieces so vests are so my thing. L to R: Tank, H&M, Belt, Gap? So old I can't remember, Dress, H&M, Vest, J.Crew, Shirt, Hanes, Jeans, Habitual.

Sooo, that's all I have for now. I just ordered these Dolce Vita sandals from Endless.com. I've been lusting after them for a while and now they're reduced. Yay! I don't always like to buy online without first trying on, so I can be sure of the fit and size, but hey, free shipping and free returns so why not?

Don't forget, Project Runway tonight! I know, this season isn't great, there isn't much else to watch anyway, right?

P.S. Please feel free to leave comments, tips, suggestions, questions...whatever you like! I'd love to hear from any and all.

Have a fabulous rest of your day!


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