07 August 2008

Speaking of...

Project Runway that is. As I've already seen numerous recaps posted this morning/afternoon, I will not bore you with yet another. Instead, I'll share with you my one complaint about last night's episode.

Spolier Alert
: The following WILL give away who was kicked off of last night's episode, so if you do not want to know, don't continue reading this post.

The challenge was a cool enough idea I thought and since the opening ceremony of the 2008 summer Olympics is tomorrow it was quite fitting. I completely agree with those outfits that the judges deemed the best last night. They were all the same that I would have chosen. I also agreed with some of their worst picks. My disagreement, however, is with their justification.

Jennifer lost this challenge and had to say
"Auf Wiedersehen" to Heidi and the gang. I agree that her outfit was uninteresting and did not have an "Americana" vibe. Nothing about the look she created was even remotely athletic. The judges claimed they had to let her go because she simply couldn't shake her own style, which is very girly.

My critique is that Stella, too, does the EXACT SAME THING. Everything that Stella creates has to have a "biker" element to it and she never gives up on using leather. So I ask, why wasn't she also
in the bottom two?

Photos [BravoTV.com] Left: Jennifer's design, Right: Stella's design

I'll give it to Stella that her design is clearly more athletic looking. But if you ask me, neither of them got this one right. Moreover, I don't even think these two (Stella was not even in the bottom) are really the worst.

I mean, seriously. They eliminated Jennifer over this disaster? I appreciate Jerell's design. It's certainly interesting and very costumey, but it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Olympics. Yes, he was in the bottom, but he's still there while Jennifer was thrown out for doing what Stella does with every design. I just think that perhaps they should have considered this one a bit more.

That's all I have. Your thoughts?


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