04 August 2008

Why So Serious?

Oh, I know. This isn’t a film blog, but I promise I’ll tie it together. I just have to say, I absolutely loved this movie! A much darker version than the original, which I think really added to the characters and the overall story.

You all know what the film is about, so no need to go into any kind of synopsis. Anyway, the characters/actors are far more interesting. Christian Bale was a great Batman although I have to agree with others that the husky voice he assumes when Bruce Wayne puts on that bat suit was a bit off-putting and distracting to me too. I guess you kind of get used to it throughout the film, but was that entirely necessary?

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart were enjoyable to watch as well. Maggie is adorable, I just love that girl. Plus I actually liked some of her outfits and her hair. And, the man of the hour (or days or weeks), Heath Ledger’s performance was incredible. I was a bit hesitant to even go out and see the film at first, thinking it was all hype. I wondered how Jack Nicholson could be outdone. Now, I don’t think that his performance was necessarily better than Jack’s, but it is very different. He approached the role in a darker and yet still slightly comical, crazy Joker-like way. Everything in his performance, from his movements and the way he spoke the dialogue was fantastic.

Sooo, I found these over at /Film:

Just a few of my favs. Photos [/Film]

A number of t-shirts have been created with Heath as the Joker emblazoned on the front. I think they’re kind of creepily cool. Although it’s pretty obvious that the film industry has capitalized on Heath’s death, these shirts are still interesting, and could maybe just be thought of as a means of commemorating his awesomeness in his final (completed) role.

Ahhh, home soon! Hopefully will be able to post some weekend photos.


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