12 August 2008

Trends Today: What Do You Think?

I just read an interesting post over at PSFK on the Death of Trends. My last post discussed Katie Holmes' horrific jean rolling which seems to have become the latest trend, even spilling over into retailers such as J.Crew.

While I don't think that trends are "dying," which is pretty extreme as PSFK points out, I do think that trends today come from diverse sources. Yes, we do still have celebrities and magazines and fashion insiders creating trends that people will follow, but I think they're right about more people also rejecting the things they're
told are trends and making their own decisions. Even more, combining different aspects of trends that they like to create their own unique look. The idea of diversity has taken on even more meaning, allowing us to feel more free, more creative and more confident. No one has to be just one type, one category.

Sometimes, because I love fashion so much, it's hard to admit that the industry is not perfect. It often seems to be more an industry of sameness than diversity and change. Fashion trends are frequently recycled or updated and mags such as
American Vogue can often make it seem almost boring. Then, just look at the runways. The girls walking them more often than not have very similar looks, and during the shows their hair and makeup is identical. Really, where are we when people often refer to models as clothes hangers or Roberto Cavalli thinks of them as pieces of wood?

Haha, I may have ventured
slightly off topic, but I love to see what your average Jane Doe does after Fashion Week. People taking these beautiful designs and personalizing them.

As for me, I take just as much inspiration from the mags I collect as I do from all of you in the blogosphere and on the web and many of my friends. It's one of the reasons I love
The Sartorialist and The Face Hunter. Individuality.

What do you think about trends today?

Later lovers!


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