04 August 2008

Update: Lovely Sales!

A few choice sample sales I'll be going to this week:

-Theory, Alice + Olivia, Helmut Lang. 8/4 - 8/7 @ 261 W. 36th St./7th Ave., 2nd Fl. This will be a lunch hour trip, 10a - 6p today!

As promised, I'm keeping you updated on how the sales turn out. You know, so you don't have to waste your time if they suck. I'm so nice, aren't I? Ha. For the above sale, there's a decent selection of all the designers plus some jackets/coats from Gryphon. They also have a good range of sizes. Some pieces are "irregular" which seems to mean the sizing may not be exact and/or there are damages. The prices aren't all as low as I'd like, but as usual shirts/tees and shorts are on the lower end while party dresses and leather goods are on the higher end. I found a great Helmut Lang blazer but unfortunately it was too small for me. I can't remember how much blazers/jackets are, but the blazer still had its tags, and at an original $520, I'm sure it would've been a huge discount. The lunch rush was quite hectic and there was a 10 piece minimum to take into the fitting room. In the end, I didn't make any purchases and my advice would be to go when you have more time than an hour-long lunch break to really get through everything. I may try to go back later in the week.

-Elizabeth & James tomorrow! Okay...I'm actually not terribly impressed with the "sale" prices because I still think it's a lot to spend, nevertheless, I will go check it out. 145 W. 18th St./6th Ave. Yay because it goes 'til 8p every night (Tues - Thurs)! Will have to be an after work trip.

Grr, so I didn't make it to the sale yesterday, but will try to go tonight after work. I did get some info from one of my roommates and she wasn't terribly impressed. As I had read, pretty much everything was still at least $100 if not more...including a fab jacket that she wanted, but was still over $300, ON SALE! Ughh, not so good, but will hopefully check it out and find out more. Though, it happens to be in the same location and I believe, is run by the same people who did the Acne Jeans/Camilla Staerk sale, and I can tell you that they did cut prices on the last day. A jacket I wanted was $75 at the beginning of the sale, but on the last day it was $50.

-Reiss summer sale. I'm still undecided since it's a bit out of the way for me. 387 W. Broadway/Spring St. (Now - 8/10 and also 'til 8p every night except Sun.)

[Via NYMag.com]

That's all for now! Have a lovely lunch!


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