12 August 2008

Culture and Class

First, what I wore yesterday:

Background from Flickr. Top: J.Crew, Jeans: Habitual, Heels: Kenneth Cole

As promised, photos from my "day of culture." The photos were taken on the rooftop garden because I've been wanting to check out the Jeff Koons exhibit there, plus it was a fantasticly lovely day outside. However, I highly recommend that you also stop inside to have a look at some of the photography exhibits they have right now because they're pretty great.

Ok, so actually, that isn't the outfit I wore that day, but thought I'd fit a "What I Wore" in there anyway. You can't really see, but the shirt has ruffles!

I like that you can see through this sculpture. Very cool, and love the colors.

Just imagine...if that was a giant chocolate heart! Looks pretty awesome against the NY skyline/backdrop.

Again, not what I wore that day but whatevs. I could NOT Photoshop myself properly without my head looking completely bizarre. Oh, and I love jackets.

I just like things that create repeating patterns, interesting angles or I guess I just think look cool.

Yeah, these guys are cool.

Ok, so apparently I really liked them. I played with the saturation a bit on this one.

Inside the museum. Again, repeating patterns and lines.

Hopefully will be back here later, but if not, you know what's up. Ughh, internet...


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