06 August 2008

In Other Urban News

Sooo, I didn't get to post this yesterday when I wanted to, but here it is for you now. Via Gawker, Keith McNally's daughter, Isabelle, will be modeling for an Urban Outfitters campaign. Perhaps she'll get to wear some of the collaborative works from Grey Ant or Spring & Clifton as I mentioned before.

Anyhow, for now it certainly looks like she's venturing more toward a career in fashion, unlike her father, he of restaurants
Balthazar and Pastis in NYC.

P.S. Speaking of restaurants, since I was still having internet troubles when I got home yesterday, I decided to join one of my roommates for dessert at
Serendipity III. I indulged in an enormous banana split. And what lovely surprise did I find upon returning home? Finally, finally! My internet was working long enough for me to upload some photos to Flickr, so I shall soon try to post some for you. Yay!

Photo [Gawker]

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