28 August 2008

Fall Fashion In Focus: Lace

With just about a week away from Fashion Week and September's fall madness, my wish list for the season continues to grow. Currently I'm lusting after lace.

The intricate details that lace creates are absolutely beautiful. I can't say I've ever worn too much lace before, but I'm eager to try out some looks for fall. Unfortunately, I can't afford the lovely lacy Prada numbers that were so prominent on the Fall '08 RTW runways. Hmm, must figure that out. The orange-lace dress shown above on the runway and worn by Miss Maggie G. at one of The Dark Knight premieres looks very much like the Prada designs, but in fact is from Jean Paul Gaultier's '08 Couture collection.

Lace was also a prominent design feature in Philosophy's Fall '08 runway show. Although still utilizing the lace here, a very different look was achieved. The vibe I got from this show was romantic, yes, but it's more of a gothic, romantic feel. The lace combined with the other pieces really creates that style.

I love the romantic yet sort of sexy quality it can add to an outfit. In the Prada and Gaultier shows, you have the prettiness of the lace, but the way they used it as a see-through layer over other pieces, such as the way Maggie wore an orange bra under the Gaultier dress, which adds a more daring sexiness to the look. After looking through various designs, I also think that lace is much more versatility than one would imagine. It's a great trend that can take you from day to night. For example, the Prada look above (far left) could be for day, perhaps even with a blazer or long cardigan instead and then simply peel the layers off going into evening.

Full collections via Style.com:
Jean Paul Gautier

And for other lace looks featured on the runways:



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