19 August 2008

Fall Fashion Favorite: Boots!

Although I feel I should be desperately hanging on to these few summer weeks, my mind can't help wandering to thoughts of fall and the fabulous clothes I can wear and outfits to put together! Of course, it could also be EVERYONE around me reminding me how quickly the fall season will be upon us (just the other day my mom was asking me about Thanksgiving plans and plane tickets)!

No matter, I adore fall. The crisp, cool weather...not quite cold, but comfortable enough to walk around in light jackets and perfectly layer-able styles, plus the changing leaves add to the beauty of it all. And who could forget Fashion Week! What better way to start out my ultimate fashion-happy season?

Lately I've been eyeing footwear options and while I have two pairs of really great riding boots for fall, one black pair by Anne Klein and a brown pair by Frye, and I love them both dearly, I can't help but be drawn to all of the new styles I see online and in stores. I saw some beautiful Coach boots in Lord and Taylor that I WANT! Ughh, but not very easy on the bank account at nearly $450.

Photo: Report Kait Boots [Endless]

These Report boots were discovered browsing online. They offer the same style and versatility as the Coach boots do via a little snap on the back. You can wear them short and scrunched or taller, without the wrinkled folding. Plus, the heels on these look to be slightly shorter which might be a better for a city walker like myself.

What I'm really loving this season for boots are all the little details. Little editions that make these styles unique and add character. From folds and flaps to zippers and snaps, I don't think I'll run out of fun choices.

Photos, clockwise from top: Enzo Angiolini, Frye, Söfft, Tory Burch [Nordstrom]

I love the simple wrap buckly of the Enzo boots and the folded cuff and button closure of the Frye's. I'm also loving the gray color of both of those styles because typically you'll see a lot of brown and black, so it's a nice change for me. The Sofft boots are more casual with the wraparound style and the sleek Tory Burch have a lovely buckle at the top plus a cool, shiny zipper up the front. Now for the high...

Photos, clockwise from top: Jil Sander, Pierre Hardy, Viktor & Rolf, Chloe [Barneys]

Yet more fabulousness. I guess I'm really into buckles right now, but the rusching of the Pierre Hardy booties is super cool with the contrasting stripe. My favs are the Viktor & Rolf and the Chloe, which pretty much rock!

Ahhh, later lovers!


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