26 August 2008


That would be me, not the singer, to which my title refers. I know I've been preoccupied with all that is my mad, mad world at the moment BUT I do finally have some of my own pics to share.

I bought the skinny belt on the left from H&M, but I think I need to invest in a belt that doesn't actually look sooo cheap. On the right I'm wearing my favorite "uniform" as of late, the vest. I love mens-inspired styles and vests are a great way to pull a look together. Oh, and yes, the Balenciaga.

Ughh, collage from my little trip to the BK. Apartment hunting. Disaster. Hmm, at least this wasn't the day I got caught under a karaoke bar awning there waiting for a sudden downpour to let up, because as usual I didn't bring an umbrella ella ella. (Yeah, I did.) Btw, I've been wearing my Dolce Vita sandals practically non-stop since they arrived and I LOVE them.

On the left, as I've mentioned before, one of my other fav styles right now, ruffles. They're just fun. Top on the right is Staerk by Camilla Staerk, love the color and the pattern. I shot the background in lower East Harlem, the side of a building.

I just had to stop and snap a photo of this "house" because I was so struck by how truly normal and house-like it looked as opposed to your usual brownstones and apartment buildings in the city. I think I saw it somewhere on the UES. Me, trying out some white framed Ray Bans. Before, I wasn't really sure I could pull of white frames, but I kind of like them. I'm also really like some clear frames that I've tried on from some different designers. Top is actually a dress by Sally Tseng. I'm very into items that can double as other wardrobe pieces such as a dress as a top, etc. Haha, and check it out:

Heidi Klum's Stardoll dresses like me! You can't really see my entire outfit in the above photo, but I assure you I have on skinny jeans and my DV sandals. What can I say? Great fashionista minds think alike.

La la, ok I do have some other random photos to post but will wait for another day. Premier of Greek was tonight! Yay! Finally new seasons have begun and I have something to watch. But, now it's over and it's getting late, haha. Hey, I DO have work, you know. Plus, possibly seeing MORE apartments tomorrow. OMFG why is this not over yet!?



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