10 August 2008

Weekend Update: The Late Edition

This weekend of course kicked off the summer Olympics. After watching the opening ceremony it seems there has been much controversy over the Ralph Lauren designed outfits for Team USA. Like I said before, I thought they looked okay, certainly better than some others. I think the hat looks ridiculous, and I understand those who say RL's design appears elitist and "yacht club" inspired. Honestly, I think the uniforms are pretty classic, traditional American. Not very modern, true and I'd prefer he left his polo horse logo off, but seriously, what did people expect? It looks exactly like something RL would do.

What does everyone else think?

Anyway, aside from the opening ceremonies, while patriotic, the Olympic forte is not really fashion. Luckily, there are cute boys to distract us.

I pretty much stick to watching swimming and gymnastics, my fav of the summer games. I saw Michael Phelps win his first gold so far and caught some of the men's gymnastics. The Chinese team is crazy good. Of course, I'm hoping that the Americans will at least score a medal in most of their events, and I think the chances are pretty good.

Other than that, I feel like I've been utterly lazy, and therefore my weekend attire has been lacking. Not to mention I've been a bit slow to post since my internet maladies continue.

I promised I'd put up a photo from dessert night at Serendipity III. You can so my massive banana split and C's frooozen hot chocolate. Yum! You can't really see what I'm wearing, but it includes one my favorite trends right now, bows! Or at least things that you can tie into bows or knots or whatever you like.

K, must do some actual work...if only I got paid for this! Will post more soon. I have some lovely photos from my "culture day" which I decided I needed over the weekend. So I went to the Met and saw some great exhibits and felt fabulous and free on the rooftop with such lovely weather.

Later amigos,


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