14 August 2008

Rant: Michael Phelps, NBC Golden Boy

Ok, I know you're probably thinking, how could anyone possibly have a problem with Michael "his hotness" Phelps?

Don't get me wrong, I think he's great and I like to think he has a secret dorky side to himself that, in my opinion, makes him even cuter. I don't take issue with Michael...more the media coverage he receives.

Is it just me, or is NBC completely obsessed with talking about him? I mean, why don't they just change their segment titles from "The Olympic Zone" to "The Michael Phelps Zone?"

Yes, he is a great swimming, amazing even. If I could think of even a decent comparison, I'd say he's the Roger Federer of swimming (R.F. is a machine!). However, when a network is referring to Phelps as the "greatest athlete ever," I have to stop and question that. Really, NBC? The greatest athlete EVER? Doesn't that kind of dismiss ALL the other athletes and ALL of the other athletic events participated in at the Olympics? Phelps could possibly be, and likely is, one of the top swimmers there has been. I would agree with that statement, and the guy has the gold medals to justify it. But has he ever run a marathon? Ever jumped fences on horseback or performed a balance beam routine? Umm, I'd have to ask him myself to be sure, but I'm thinking no.

Phelps' record setting wins shouldn't discount the coverage that all of the other athletes receive, which hasn't been much. In fact, in more than one interview, I've seen Matt Lauer and Meredith Vierra ask other athletes (particularly swimmers) about Phelps. I bet they felt really great, sitting down for an interview about their accomplishments to then be asked about Phelps.

My point is, perhaps NBC should get off the Michael Phelps train and jump onto the Team USA bandwagon.

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