12 August 2008

Trend: The Jean Roll

I'm sure noticed and/or read about Katie Holmes' latest trend of wearing super unflattering jeans and then rolling them up to her ankles.

Now, I do roll my jeans sometimes, but I do so with skinny jeans and more in the fashion of creating a capri style. How unfortunate it is then that other celebs have started following Katie's style.

Photo [E! Online] L to R: Katie Holmes, Amanda Peet, Rachel Bilson

This is all wrong! Rolling your jeans is fine if you do it the right way. These three ladies, however, have chosen to wear unflattering jeans as far as fit and style and their overall look just doesn't come together for me. Did a stylist put Katie up to this? She was doing so well, look oh so classy in Armani and other lovely, well put-together looks. Now it has all come undone. Quelle tragédie!

Apparently Ms. Homes has quite the following since even retailers seem to have taken notice of this trend.

Photo [J. Crew]

Above, J. Crew has added the look to their Fall preview. I'd hope J.Crew would at least try to improve the look, sadly they copied it right down to the baggy, worn jeans. I appreciate that they added color and also that they used a darker washed jean, which certainly livens it up, but honestly, did they have to go there?

Photo [J.Crew]

At least here the idea is more subtle and certainly more appropriate and flattering. They used a simple, straight leg, super dark washed jean, just slightly rolled at the ankles. They also kept up the color, and I like the contrast of the yellow on top and the blue/green shoes on the bottom. This is a much better look if you absolutely must follow this trend. The model looks casual but pulled-together. Perhaps Katie and pals need to flip through a J.Crew catalog?

It's quite amusing to follow celebrity trends and look at those that make it big and others that, thankfully, were killed. I think we all remember Uggs and Trucker hats? Cameron Diaz was one of the first to show off her Uggs, in Cali no less, where I doubt she'd actually need them to keep warm. Sorry, but Uggs are just plain ugly. Ugghh, and unbelievably, Justin is actually arguing about whether he or Ashton started that hideous trucker hat trend. Seriously Justin, I love you, but NO ONE should want credit for that. Hahaha, oh, how you make me laugh...

What will these crazy kids come up with next? What do you think? Yay or nay for rolled jeans?

Yay! Almost lunchtime and I'm hungry! Food food food...


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