08 August 2008

Live Blogging the Opening Ceremony

For as long as I can take it anyway...

8:05 p.m. - Announcements will be made in French and English, which are the two official languages of the Olympics, as well as Chinese because the games are taking place there.

8:18 - Stand for the Chinese National Anthem, "March of the Volunteers"

8:21 - Ceremony divided into two sections, Chinese history and modern times.

8:22 - Giant scroll unfolding to reveal ancient Chinese art of calligraphy. The three main Chinese art forms include painting, calligraphy and poetry. Two Chinese performers doing a routine which is supposed to express balance between mountains and water.

8:23 - Other dancers have joined. Using their bodies to create calligraphic images on a VERY large LED screen which will get progressively bigger throughout the night.

8:25 - Modern dance moves creating the most ancient style of painting. Scroll still unfolding and it is enormous!

8:29 - Confucius travelers portion of the show. About 810 "travelers" holding bamboo scrolls performing. Rising up from center of stage are Chinese movable printing blocks.

8:31 - The moving blocks evoke wind...very cool, I like them. (Note to self: find picture of this).

8:32 - Chinese symbol for harmony appears on the left and ride of the moving blocks.

8:35 - There were people inside the moving blocks!

Sorry! Ughhh, loss of internet connection. Will try to resume now.

9:48 - Cuba entering the arena.

Ughh, well due to internet troubles AGAIN this did not really work out. The U.S. got a nice reception upon entering I thought. They looked nice and classy, although I wasn't really thrilled with the hat. Although that certainly wasn't the worst fashion statement to be seen during the Parade of Nations.

Anyway, in the spirit of the Olympics and so many nations coming together, I'll just say that everyone looked excited and proud to be there representing their various countries.

Overall, I thought the opening ceremony was just fantastic. I have to hand it to the Chinese on this one, they really went all out and put on a really spectacular show for the world.


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