20 August 2008

Fashion Photography: Solve Sundsbo

I love photography. I love the creativity, the expressiveness and all that it allows one to capture. It's something that I've been meaning to get back into lately, but have neglected, mainly due to work and other busyness.

Anyhow, fitting it is since I also love fashion, that I should love fashion photography. I quite admire the images that these photographers create, and hope to take inspiration from them and their work. With that in mind, I've decided to try to do regular posts highlighting various fashion photogs that I find unique, intriguing, inspiring...

First up is Norwegian fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo. I love the way he uses light to create contrast, patterns and mood in his photographs. So beautiful and mysterious. He also has a unique and subtle use of color to make certain aspects stand out or to make an image softer or more vibrant. His use of repetition is also interesting to me, particularly the repeating images of his subjects in motion which creates movement in his images and leads the eye across a page or photograph.

Photos [Google Images]

Love it! Have a great day!


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Aileen said...

i love how we both blogged/posted the photography of sundsbo. great minds think alike. :) i think he's awesome. i love how he uses motion in addition to light.