19 August 2008

Fashion Feeds the Soul

Which would you choose?

Surely that's more important than feeding one's stomach? Haha, I kid. However, I came across this bit of info:

According to a survey conducted by www.MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk, "What’s even more interesting is that 32% of UK females confess that if push came to shove they’d prefer to go without food to nab that fashion 'must-have'."

I'm reminded of a conversation with my friend M. She recently returned from a month-long study abroad trip in Pairs; she and I also studied in Paris together during the spring semester of our junior year. Summer in Paris is a great season for les soldes. So, being the fashion-centric person I am, of course I had to ask her about all of the fabulous shopping. Sadly, Mlle M replied that she'd made barely a single purchase, and had instead used her precious euros to go out to dinners and such.

This was baffling to me. First, I can be a bit of health nut and dining out constantly can never qualify as healthy eating. Second, I like to cook anyway and doing so saves me money. Three, I just see things SO differently. I would much rather use the money I save by NOT dining out on fabulous fashiony items.

M did not get this. In her mind, she was choosing to create fond memories and experience new flavors by venturing out to new restos. I, on the other hand disagree...somewhat. It's not as if I never go to restaurants in the city. I have a list a mile long of all the places I want to try, and I have certain friends who I consider my fav resto goers. However, I don't feel the need go out for food all the time just to have a new memory. If it's something particularly amazing, then yes, go out for that, but just everyday dining? I don't think so. My thinking is that while food is fun, it only lasts for a moment...or an hour or two or three. But clothes? They could last forever! Of course, things go out of style and you recycle your wardrobe, etc., but my point is they'll be around for a while.

Hmm, ponder ponder...

Food or fashion? What would you choose?


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