02 August 2008

Word for Word

Hey Everyone!

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about writing lately, in all its many forms, Thursday night after work I decided to check out the
Word for Word series in Bryant Park. This was the first time I’ve ever gone because I actually never even realized that they had it. Just one more thing I love about New York in the summer, there are so many amazing things to do, often for free or on the cheap. Just the other day as I was leaving my friend K’s b-day picnic in Central Park I saw people participating in a free Argentinean (if I remember?) dance class, but I digress. Last night’s session was on Screen Writing. I’m convinced I could be the female version of Matt or Ben with Good Will Hunting...or maybe Diablo (of course, I don't have the interesting stripper back story, haha).

Eek, scary, scary pigeon! "Is there something on my head"

Sophia Romma was there to speak and had some good tips and info on the steps to take during the writing process. Yes, I did take notes. I still think I’d like to take an actual class to get a more in depth understanding, but last night was free, so why not? I think it’s very cool that they offer things like this. Snapped a few photos which I've included for you (though none of me; yesterday’s outfit was not so interesting…that’s what happens when I wake up 40 minutes late!).

Anyhow, last night I went to Fig & Olive with my friend J for the last day of Restaurant Week! I’m not always thrilled with what many restos choose to put on their menus for these weeks. Hmm, chicken, salmon or pasta? Don’t get me wrong, I like salmon and pasta (no chicken since I’m a pescetarian) but couldn’t they get a little more interesting? Problem is, most of the top restos can get away with this because they already have a following and can get business anyway, so they have nothing to prove. The menu for Fig & Olive looked pretty decent for Restaurant Week so I was excited...

What I Wore:

On the moon!

The food:

Drink: Rosé, Appetizer: Cucumber and Pink Peppercorn Soup with Garlic Crostini

Entrée: Branzino with Figs and Pea Shoots

Dessert: Chocolate Pot de Crème & Berries in Balsamic with Mascarpone Gelato.

My hair is kind of a mess here.

Ha! I don't know what I'm doing...and I really don't like like that Sleepy's sign.

Trying to be casual? And random guy on phone ruining my picture, will have to cut him out later.

J & me. I think I look kind of weird, but whatevs.

La la la, hello kitty!

Oh how I love this city for its randomness. Okay, end of adventure! Or, um, at least random photo taking for the night.

Boo, it's raining today but time to go out and play!



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