08 August 2008

The Classic Trench

In light of the rainy weather we've been having, and despite the heat and humidity, I've been longing for a new classic trench coat.

I really consider this a staple item that every chic fashiony girl must have. My old one has had its day, and so I left it back home, most likely buried somewhere in a box piled among other basement items or shoved to the back of a closet. Actually, it was one I bought a while back at Arden
B and was pretty nice, but I think it's time for an upgrade anyway.

I tried on the trench in the photograph at Zara, but couldn't decide if I felt that $159 (if I remember?) was a fair price for Zara quality, which isn't always great.

While I'm on a budget, I'd probably be willing to spend a bit more for something that I'll be able to keep around for a decent period of time. Ideally, I want something classy and stylish, perhaps with a modern twist. But nothing too trendy or overdone because I wouldn't feel I'd be able to wear it very long. Of course, it should also be usefu
l when trying to hide from the rain.

Whenever I think of the classic trench, my thoughts immediately turn to Jackie O. and Audrey. Nothing says chick like a beautiful, perfect trench, and I think they definitely knew that. It's as if you could pick out the ugliest outfit in the world, but when you throw a lovely little trench over it, suddenly everything comes together and you achieve that effortlessness that is the epitome of style.

I've been on a mission to find what I deem perfection in a trench for some time now, and I do have some favs but none are very, if at all, affordable.

Photos L to R: Rag & Bone [Shopbop], BR Monogram [BananaRepublic], Nili Lotan [Shopbop], Burberry [Saks]

These are some different options that I'm liking. I think the gray of the Rag & Bone and the Banana trenches is kind of a different but cool neutral option besides the classic creamy khaki tan tones. The Nili Lotan style looks easy to wear, but of course, the ultimate will always be the Burberry trench. The one shown above is slightly more updated style I think, being shorter in length, but it still looks amazing! Too bad for me it's about $1000.

I came across Popartpistol's blog and this post on trenches written back in March. Some great ideas as well as some fab photos of other classy ladies showing off their trenches.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Perhaps at a better price point? Haha...if someone could find me a Burberry look-a-like at a decent price I'd love love love you! Awwww, but I so want the real thing! A girl can dream...

Have a fabulous weekend lovers and enjoy the rest of today as it is supposed to be the luckiest day of the year! 8.8.08! Go team USA!


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