15 August 2008

Green with Envy

Since studying abroad in Paris (maybe even before) I've been particularly obsessed with finding the perfect green dress. I've actually always favored blue for color. My eyes are blue and certain shades of blue really make my eyes stand out.

Around the time I went to Paris (Spring '06) I had gotten into a green phase and determined that I needed a fabulous green dress. Not just any green, mind you, but the PERFECT shade of emerald green. You would not believe how difficult that has been to find. So, I had sort of let this go, no longer in pursuit of my search, but still hoping to stumble upon a great find one day.

Then, after watching Atonement, I found myself with renewed interest in seeking out my dress. Keira Knightley's stunning green gown from the film was a dream. The movement of it, the cut and of course, that color! So perfect.

Yesterday over at the Chic Report, a photograph of Whitney Able caught my attention.

Again, beautiful green perfection. I love the simplicity and style of the dress, and although it's actually vintage 1930's, I think it has very modern appeal.

Perhaps I'm just not meant to come across one of these beautiful creations of fashion. Because, maybe even more depressing than not finding the dress, would be finding it and having nowhere to wear it.

While I think these dresses are gorgeous, it's not as if I'm invited to galas and premieres and benefits at which this type of dress is appropriate. I would love to wear these, but more realistic would be a less dressed-up version of these. Something that I could wear out, to a nice dinner or to a lounge or a party. Whitney's dress, for example, would be better suited for me to actually wear I think if it were made into a mini dress. Anyway, for now the search continues, but the most important thing is that GREEN!

Any suggestions? Do alert me to any great finds. I'll be forever grateful.


Photo [Chic Report]

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