14 August 2008

Loving: Rick Owens

Photo [NY Times]

The Times' Critical Shopper has a lovely piece today on L.A. designer Rick Owens. On a recent trip to Barneys I browsed the designer's collection and quite liked it.

To me, the clothes are elegantly goth inspired, simple and put-together while at the same time slightly undone.

Best quotes: "This coat is like youth and sex and butter all at the same time. You could sleep on the sidewalk and you would never feel a lack. You wouldn’t even need love."

"Mr. Owens has said he is inspired by Lou Reed’s music. This makes sense: crudely simple melodies sung in an unpretty voice, but suspended in the excruciating tension of an almost unbearably delicate softness and sensitivity.

This mood can create anxiety, like sitting under a lead-glass chandelier that would crash down if not for the brilliant efforts of a single heroic spider. But unsettling settings also inspire relaxed inhibitions, creating the possibility for sudden intimacies to occur between strangers."

Super excited to check out the store...ha, as if I could afford anything. A girl can dream...



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