04 December 2008

It's My Party and I'll Buy What I Want To...

Ok, so I know I've incredibly absent lately, but what can I say? Life happens. Work and Thanksgiving, etc., everything has been crazy busy. Hehe, but not busy enough to stop me from picking up some hot new Hanky Panky lingerie at their sample sale. Tomorrow is the last day and everything is $10!

Boo, what I really need (ahem, or want) is a fab new dress for my birthday which is next Friday!!!! My real going out celebration will take place Saturday, dinner at La Esquina and then some karaoke partying at Sing Sing. But I digress, I spotted this dress by h y p e in a store on 86th St. near 2nd or 3rd Ave., and that I originally thought was a vintage shop:

The strapless dress is fun and now exactly what I want! Ughh, and I so don't need to spend the money on it. Now would be a great time for the Universe to send it my way in some magical mysterious manner...



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