09 January 2009

I'm Baaaaack...

Hey! Yes, I'm officially back to blogging...I hope, haha. Sorry for my long absence, but I needed a little break for the holidays, family time and the like. And just generally, things have been crazy busy. C'est la vie, right?

Happily enough, all of my fave peeps (meaning TV characters, hehe) are back as well! Possible Spoiler Alert:

S and Lonely Boy are sort of, maybe, back together again. Of course with the minor issue of them sharing a half-brother. That could put a damper on all of their happy-go-lucky coupleness.

AND Mr. Zac P. graced Ugly Betty with his fantabulous presence last night. LOVE him.

Now I've recently started netflixing and am almost through Heroes: Season 1. I didn't really get into it when the show first started, but I'm quite liking it now. And I'm a little bit in love with Milo V. Seriously, why is he with H.P.? I only just realized how much younger she is! He and I would be much more suited to one another, hehe.

Anyhow, on to some fashiony stuff. I'm in the market for some new boots. I still love my tall black flat Anne Klein's, but everyone tells me they've had their day. The toes are scuffed up and now they also a sort of white line across the front from snow salt. Boo. So I'm looking at a two styles by Pour La Victoire, one being the Rosella Toggle Boot on Shopbop. On sale but still kind of expensive. I'd really like a pair of brown boots as well AND a new pair of rain boots. I've been eyeing these Aigle boots (that's eagle en francais mes cheries). I think they have a simple, classy look and would be great to wear on a rainy day without obviously wearing rain boots because they're styled as riding boots.

However, I recently came across these fab rain boots by
Jimmy Choo/Hunter via FashionIndie. Soooo pretty. But not sure if I'm willing to fork over $395 to have them. Esp since I used to think I just HAD TO HAVE some Hunter boots, until I tried them on and realized not so much. I'm tall so I have big feet and oftentimes because of that the calf area of boots is just too big, and that was the case. Just looked ridiculous.

La la la, ok, must get back to work. Yay Friday!

Have a glorious weekend kids! Ciao.


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