19 May 2009

OMG You Guys, The Gossip Girls Graduate

Finally! I remember, back in the day, because I am of course an old lady now...the joyousness of graduation day. It just couldn't get any better, and Gossip Girl did not disappoint. Part of me had hoped that GG her (or himself?) would at last be revealed. However, it shall not be...for now. If you haven't yet watched, possible spoilers lie ahead...

I can't really argue with all of the wardrobe for the finale, even fabulous Upper East Side grads must don the traditional cap and gown, which, let's be honest, never look good on anyone. The one item I've been truly coveting: B's gold rope knotted headband. Love it!

Anyway, to recap quickly, GG dished the juiciest gossip she'd been saving to purge her mind of everyone's silly high school dalliances. B named Little J her successor, so we'll have to see if she will reign supreme as the new Queen B.

It is finally somewhat more clear as to what this whole Santorini biz has been all about: Carter Baizen revealed he knows where Serena's father is now.

Mr. Archibald's morals have somehow been renewed and since he know longer has affairs with cougars he decided to take V up on her backpacking adventure. While Lonely Boy Dan was ever boring (though it seems he has a stalker - obviously the half-brother he knows Rufus had with Lily and who they believe to be dead).

Last but not least, Chuckles, in a very sweet move, flew around the world gathering B's favorite things and at last, said those three magic little words...

'Til next season.


[Photo: IMDB]

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