14 May 2009

Prom: The Left Coast vs. The Right Coast

K, I think it's about time we discussed the latest TV fashion happenings. Gossip Girl and 90210. These are two supposedly stylish shows, so what, may I ask, is going on with the prom attire? Is it me, or have prom dresses worsened considerably over the years? Yes, they both had a few bright moments, such as Blair Waldorf's lovely Marchesa gown.

However, S failed miserably. Honestly, what was her stylist thinking? The entire ensemble is an unflattering fit and much too frumpy for a fabulous socialite's all-important senior prom. Granted, the girl did clean up nicely after having just been bailed out of the slammer by Lonely Boy.

Moving on, can somebody please explain to me why Shenae Grimes constantly looks like she's just come back from traveling back in time to the '80s? Let's compare, shall we? Here we have Shenae (photo courtesy JustJared). Yes, that is what little miss sunshine Annie wore to her prom. Why? I have no idea. If I could have gotten to her before filmin I'd have cut off that horrid blue polka dot skirt and tried to reattach something at least halfway decent, because the top portion could actually work. Let's just be thankful she didn't drag those ugly Uggs to the prom as well. My point, however, is that her chosen prom dress looks rather similar to young Lily Rhodes aka Van der Woodsen on GG's '80s flashback:

On the positive side of 90210, I actually quite liked Naomi's simple, but pretty, emerald green floor length dress.

Perhaps this is because I absolutely adored Kiera Knightley's green stunner in Atonement, but I think I really just love Naomi's whole look, her hair looks elegant, very old Hollywood glamour. LOVE IT!

So, who wins? Left coast LA or the east side? Eh, perhaps they all break even at C, but I think we all know I'm partial to those Upper East Siders.


[Photos: 90210, IMDB, GG, IMDB]

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