05 November 2008

Amendment: Michelle Obama's Election Night Attire

Since I posted this morning about Michelle Obama's election night dress and I've gotten some more info so I'm posting an update and sort of amendment.

Photos [The Cut, Papermag]

I've now seen other photos of the future First Lady in said dress, which as it turns out is actually straight off the Spring '09 Runway of Narciso Rodriguez, and I'm still conflicted. The photo on the right of Michelle with Jill Biden is probably the most flattering I've seen of her in the dress and cardigan/jacket. Perhaps it really depends on the angle? As I watched her walk onto the stage last night with Barack, my first thought was "omg, what was she thinking wearing that, it looks terrible on her!" and on TV, I really do think it didn't come across quite right. But obviously in a photograph you can better manipulate the angle at which you're taking it from and therefore can create a more flattering image.

Overall, I'm still not sure it was the best choice for her.
I'm all about equal opportunity when it comes to wearing what's fashionable, but I think we can all acknowledge that with different body types, shapes and sizes, everyone looks their best when dressing for their specific body type. Wearing what looks flattering on your figure is always going to make a person look and feel great, which Michelle usually does, but this dress really drew attention to areas that don't need it. However, I do applaud her choice of designers. She'll certainly be fun to watch over the course of Barack's term.


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E said...

oh my goodness, your blog is superb. I am so jealous that you are in NYC doing media (I wanted that so badly!).

And AWESOME that you found her dress.