21 November 2008

Anti-Fur Rages On...

So, I really can't say I have a very strong stance on fur. To wear it or not to wear it? Yes, my friends, that is the question. Honestly, I could care less what other people do. Whatever floats your boat I say. So if you love wearing fur (and can afford it) good for you. For me, personally, I've just never loved the look of it, on anything really so I choose not to wear it more for aesthetic reasons than moral concerns. Oh vanity...

However, since I'm a user of public transportation, I couldn't help but notice the new anti-fur ad campaign launched by Friends of Animals. Take a look though, and perhaps you'll notice what may have caught my eye:

Hmm, does that first photo look a tiny bit familiar? Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else think this is some sort of swipe at La Wintour herself? I mean, we all know she's not afraid to show off some fur.

Coincidence? I don't know, but the resemblance definitely grabbed my attention.


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