13 November 2008

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Okay, so not really, BUT I do have celebratory thoughts on my mind. I'm already counting down the days to Thanksgiving for which I'm planning some fab dishes to share with the fam back in Ohio. Can't wait!

And, not to sound selfish and self-centered...but as of yesterday my birthday (24!) was exactly one month away! So yeah, I kind of have ideas for that floating around my mind. Speaking of which, what should I wear?! I've been eying this Hanging Gardens dress from Anthropologie for a while.

I did try it on in the store, and it looked great and I completely loved the floaty, ruffleyness of it, but at the time didn't think I needed to spend the money even though it is on SALE for only $89.95 now, down from an original $178. I know, I know, I'm an idiot for not buying it when I had the chance and now I can't find it in a store in my size and online availability is basically non-existent now, not to mention that buying it online sadly means paying extra for shipping.

So, we shall see. Oh how I love dressing up! And then there's Christmas and New Year's! Ahhhhhhh.

Btw, spotted a VERY long line outside the 59th St. H&M this morning! Oh Rei...I'm sorry I don't have time to wait 14 hours for your beautiful, architecturally detailed clothing. Perhaps there will be still be some left for me?

P.S. I saw The Sartorialist himself last night! He came to speak at one of NYU's FBA events. Very cool. Also, I wish I'd come up with such a great idea myself first...


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