05 September 2008

It's Official...


Ah, the thrill of it all. Perhaps I shall see if I can get into some parties...OR get into the tents! Ha! Well anyhow, let's start off with my favorite looks from the Trovata show:

Photos [Style.com]

The Spring '09 collection consisted of muted tones of mainly white, blue, gray and black. I love the lightness of the first look with a cool woven rope-like belt. Apparently I have a thing for jackets since my next four favorites ALL have one. But I do love blazers and jackety type pieces. So versatile! The second look is fun because it's very tuxedo-like, although it reminds me a bit of SJP's "real people" runway look on SATC with her jeweled panties. Also, skinny belts are so in right now. While I love over-sized blazers right now, I also really love the more cropped version in the third outfit. So great with the dress. The black and white checkered patten is awesome. The little white jacket is fabulous, I love the cut, how it folds in the front and the double-breasted buttons. Finally, the dress is just fun and light and I like it because I'm really into mini dresses too.

Although these are some of my favorites, I had a hard time choosing because I really loved them all. Very wearable, I could actually see myself in all of them! Ughh, I want too many things...

Can't wait for more!


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