15 September 2008

Weekend Review: Lovely Beatrice

Well kids, the all-important Fashion Week is finally over but that didn't stop anyone from getting their party on over the weekend. Go out with a bang, right?

Soo, how was my weekend? Despite some rainy days I head to SoHo for dinner at The Mercer Kitchen (ricotta cheesecake=delish!) with a few friends and then went off to The Beatrice Inn for drinks/dancing the night away.

Spotted: MK Olsen hanging out in the DJ booth upstairs the whole time she was there. Also making out occasionally with some guy I didn't recognize. Still looking quite good which I was happy to see since she'd been doing so well all Fashion Week-long. Hair looked fab and she wore a hippie-ish headband/tie and some kind of black top/dress...couldn't really tell since she was in the booth.

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner. She is gorgeous and skinnier than I thought she'd be; he is quite young looking.

Jessica Stam (?) I'm quite sure it was her, couldn't quite tell what she was wearing but it appeared to be a dress in a red/orangey colored print or something.

Other than that I'm still craigslisting and thrifting for various apartment items and such. I now have two chairs, one of which I'm going to sell. Must find a ladder and decide on paint! That will be this weekend's project. Also, finding a TV and getting internet!


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