22 September 2008


Apparently everyone and their brother is currently trying get themselves some internet because the earliest appointment we could schedule with Time Warner isn't until October 2nd! Ughh, so it will still be a while longer before I'm actually able to upload any of my own photos.

Photo [Flickr]

Ah yes, wishing and hoping that was my apartment...I'm loving browsing Apartment Therapy now to get decorating ideas, particularly the house tours which are so much fun! I'm totally planning on creating my own framed photo collage wall kind of like the above, and I think I'll also throw in a decorative mirror.

Any ideas on where to get some home furnishings, etc. on the cheap? Thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets, yes, but I wonder if there are ever any sample sales on home items such as bedding?

Eek, sorry, I know this doesn't really have anything to do with fashion but it's a big focus for me right now. Anyhow, after work I plan to pick up some of my fashion mags, which I need to catch up on, as well as some decorating mags.

In the meantime I'm thinking about taking a night class on fashion writing. For fun or maybe it will turn into something more, we'll see...have to check on the funds first. And DON'T forget (as if anyone could), GG is on tonight! So thrilling...AND Grey's premier's Thursday! Yay for the return of Fall TV.


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