19 September 2008

Style Icon: Jean Seberg

Since we're coming upon the weekend I thought I'd leave everyone with a little "fashion inspiration." I love the Godard film, À Bout de Souffle (Breathless). If you haven't seen it then I highly recommending you check it out, particularly if you're interested in French New Wave. I was thinking about style earlier today and for whatever reason Jean Seberg, one of the film's stars, flashed across my mind. She had a great tomboy-ish and yet feminine look. Simple, clean lines but not harsh and never looked like she tried to overthink her style.

"Si tu n'aimes pas la mer...si tu n'aimes pas les montaignes...si tu n'aimes pas la ville...vas-tu faire foutre!"

Ahhh...pardon my French si tu comprends...

Happy Friday mes amis!


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